Thursday, November 21, 2013

Life Lately-- November 21st

Eeek! I'm so sorry. "Life lately" has been busy, obviously. Caring for a newborn is a full time job. :) But we wouldn't have it any other way. 

Yesterday Miss Emma turned 1 month old! I'll do an official post (hopefully before her 3rd birthday) but she's 9lbs, 5 ounces and 21.5 inches long. Our big baby! 

She loves her baby giraffe sleeper. Mama loves it even more! I will cry like a baby the day we put it away in our storage closet. But until then Emma wears it about twice a week. 

Not sure if I posted about it here but my sissy is getting married! I'm so sad I'm not closer but I cannot wait to be a part of her big day. 

I can't remember when but she mailed this box to me and "proposed". No clue where she got the idea but it was so creative! 

Emma was a thumb sucker in my belly and looks like she still is. It's precious.

These two kill me..

Remember when my husband went out and got the boppy? Well that was not necessary. We really don't use it all that much and now it's just a dog pillow. Sigh. Good news? The dogs love it. 

For everyone who thinks I'm "tiny"..ahem, still wearing maternity pants in that picture. I gained almost 40 pounds during my pregnancy. So far I've lost a good 20 and have 20 more to go. Slowly but surely...

LOL my 3 aunts came to visit a few weeks ago. My husband went down to get them and they plowed through our apartment with this shopping cart. Too funny. 

Wishing that hat came in my size..

Emma and I the day my husband went back to work. We have so much fun! The day is considered a success if everyone is alive when my husband gets home. :) 

The day is even more successful if the house is clean. BONUS!

We are finally in a little "routine" and I'm so thankful! My husband doesn't go to work until after 12PM, so I get up and work out every morning before he gets up. Being able to workout (and get out of the house) for an hour every day keeps me sane. 

Oreo loves the baby snot sucker. OMG does he love it. We've washed that thing 6,000 times and he keeps finding it in the "baby basket" (basket we carry around with the baby so we don't have to run to the nursery 800 times a day). 

Favorite day of the week!

My husband is an expert at getting boogers. He has quite a system.

Emma in her first fluff! Sadly they are still a bit big for her, so she's wearing newborn Huggies Lil Snugglers. We have at least one blowout a day.. sigh. 

BUT please note the 2 times she's worn cloth she has not had any blowouts! It was so easy,  too! Just threw them in the wash.

Waiting for Daddy-O to get home!

Oreo doing anything for attention during Emma's weekly photo. I've gotten lots of questions about her weekly photos and I'll be sure to answer them soon! 

Thank you again for all the sweet comments and emails! xO

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