Monday, October 1, 2012

When You Let Your Doggie Down..

Yesterday I posted that I was a mean mommie because I tricked the dogs after taking them to the dog park.

That was nothing compared to today. I feel horrible. I've told this story twice-- once to my husband and once to my dad and I still feel sick!

So picture this.. I'm on the phone dealing with a work issue while walking both dogs. I'm holding keys, two leashes, and my phone on my ear. There is a dog in front of us just dying to meet Cocoa & Oreo. I cannot stop and chat with the owner/dog, so we turn around and head back to our apartment.

Still with me?

The owner clearly didn't catch my drift and followed very closely behind us. Her dog is jumping and crying to meet Cocoa and Oreo. Cocoa and Oreo are excited, but they can tell I mean business and follow me.

I'm still on the phone dealing with this poor employee who is asking for a raise. "Sorry, I don't deal with that".

Cocoa gets so excited that Oreo gets jealous. He charges at her, spins around me, and they are growling and he's on top of her. Fighting. While I'm telling a guy he can't have a raise. My keys drop. I realize I'm being one of those idiots who won't hang up the darn phone and take care of her dogs.

Oreo is clearly in the wrong here (obviously). I am pulling so hard to separate them and I'm finally able to. The owner is still behind me. It's like when Jason from Halloween walks so slow yet he's always able to kill people.

I'm finally off the phone and we get into the staircase. I drop everything once we get inside and grab Oreo by the scruff of his neck. I told him that he was bad and that was unacceptable. Then I grabbed his chin scruff and I guess while I was moving my hands, he got crazy and attacked my arm. I grabbed his chin scruff again and said "Really?" quite loudly.

I was in so much pain from his biting my hand. Hard. I would have cried if I wasn't in the staircase and the apartment assistant manager didn't live on our floor.

That's when he looked me in the eyes and just shook. His lip was quivering. I about died.

He's still a little sad now but I've been baby-ing him all night (big surprise there). I'm usually not the "bad cop" but today I had to be. And I feel bad.

After having about 2 hours to reflect on what happened, I know what went wrong. I know I should not have yelled at him after the fact. I know dogs have no judgement of time and he didn't think he did anything wrong. If he was going to get in trouble, it needed to be immediately following his wrongdoing. 

Just had to share. We are going to have a surprise visit to the dog park tomorrow I think. :) xO


  1. Girl! Wait til you have children! So many times when I am having to discipline my now 4 year old it takes one look from her and I get a little emotional! I'm sure Oreo knows he is loved by you and a visit to the dog park may be what both of you need! :)

  2. Poor Doggy Mommy. Honestly you reacted exactly how I probably would have in the situation as well. I'm sure Oreo is just soaking up the extra attention and holds no hard feelings towards you!