Wednesday, October 10, 2012

How-To Foil Line Your Oven

I keep cookie sheets (2) on top of each other in the oven. Does anyone else do that?

With every project there is a story. This story, while funny now, was not so funny a few Saturdays ago.

All I wanted was some stupid cornbread. I used the special recipe on the back of the cornmeal box and it looked yummy! I was even thinking I could cut up hotdogs and stick the hotdogs & corn muffin mix into muffin tins. Hello-- home made bite-sized corn dogs.

Anyways, while the oven was preheating it started to smell bad. I opened the oven to see a flame. Awesome.

Turns out there was stuff on the bottom of the oven that caught on fire. I didn't see it, but we use the oven a lot so I'm sure it's possible. Who knows.

So because we cannot run the oven clean cycle while the dogs are home (the smell is bad for babies and dogs), I just cleaned it myself.

I used water, an old sponge, and dish soap. It literally got everything off! When it was all done I microwaved a wet cloth and did one final wipe down. That was it. The whole cleaning process took maybe 10 minutes.

 Before I was done I really wanted something to catch all the stuff that falls and that I could remove and either clean OR throw away.

Introducing.. tin foil.

It's pretty simple! Seriously. It did use a lot of tin foil, though.

:: Obviously, make sure your oven is off and has been off for a long period of time (1 day).

:: Tear off 4 long rectangles from the tin foil container. 

:: Fold your 4 rectangles in half, and place along the bottom of the oven.

:: Make sure your tin foil goes below the element. Feel free to lift your element up as your need to so you can get everywhere. The element in our oven was easy to move around. Check your oven's manual if you're nervous to touch it.

:: Pat the foil down and make sure it's on there nicely.

:: Your oven is ready for use! This will probably last a while but definitely replace when stuff starts to fall. (Probably after Thanksgiving with that turkey?!)

Good luck! xO

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