Friday, October 19, 2012

2 Things Are Making Me Sad This Week

No more Diet Coke!

I'll start with the worst part of my week. Remember how I mentioned going to the doctor

Yup, she said the 4 words I have dreaded hearing. 

When I left the appointment I had 3 left in my fridge. Being the addict that I am, of course I drank them. My husband and I kept looking online for something healthy and calorie free. If I was going to have something with calories, I might as well drink milkshakes all day. 

The VitaminWater Zero is okay. It's very sweet but it still has carbs in it. It has 3 or 5 in 1 bottle. I'm only having 1/4 of a bottle a day (and diluting it majorly in water) because I'm worried those carbs will go straight to my... 


And then this happened. I have no reason as to why it fell! I was walking the dogs, holding keys and mail and boom. It hit the concrete hard face down. Kind of reminded me of this story..

I'm not upset about it because 1-- It works perfectly fine and 2-- It was my fault. I really don't mind having giant cracks across my phone for 2 more years. Yup, that's how long I have on my contract. :-)

So that was this week. What is next week going to bring me? xO


  1. hi elizabeth! why did your doc want you stop drinking diet coke? i have loved it for YEARS. i have been off and on it during that whole time (4 years being my longest off.) some things that have worked for me are la croix sparkling waters. no sugar or artificial sugars. they taste good, and i love the carbonation! another alternative are drinks by zevia. they have one that's the equivalent to diet coke, but it's made of stevia, so no cals or bad artificial sweeteners.

  2. I have a bad family history of cancer/heart problems. I think she's worried about future Boese Babies! I actually bought some la croix to try! Did you get flavored ones? What do you like? I'm going to have to check out zevia. Thanks for your comment! Hope you're having a great night!