Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wordless Wednesday-- July 31st

Happy Wednesday! Enjoy your day. xO

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Life According To My Phone-- July 30th

Here are some pictures from my phone as of late... totally slacking on taking photos-- I need to do better! 

Came into our room and found this scene. Really? 

My SIL had written a cute 4th of July note on our chalkboard but it was time to change it. This is now what's greeting you when you enter our house. Seriously, don't you wish more people applied this in everyday life?

Oreo is totally head over heels obsessed with my belly. He knows something is going on and he freaks out when she moves. It's too funny. 

Any chance he gets he rests his head on my belly and just stares at me. Cocoa is a bit more nonchalant and doesn't care. Typical. 

When we first moved, my sister didn't know where to put her towels in the guest bathroom when she was done with them. My MIL came and we picked up this giant package of baskets (all different sizes) from Bed Bath and Beyond. 

We put the biggest one in the guest bathroom and my husband thought it was for decoration. Seriously. After we made this huge thing about it when his mom was here he still thought it was "for show". 


And as if you needed any more proof that I'm totally crazy...

Yes, I did this. I know, I know. Please judge me. My husband's parents got BG this darling dress and to be honest? I just can't wait to put it on our little girl.

So I settled for Cocoa. She couldn't walk in it but did a lovely job modeling it.

October needs to hurry up or I'll be dressing these dogs in onesies and diapers.

I need help. 

Mom, what are you doing?

LOL. We had Fenway over for an hour or so a few weeks ago. He went on our bed and found a stuffed dog..whoops. He had already destroyed it so I just let him go to town. 

Okay that's all folks! Enjoy your Tuesday, people. xO

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Your Questions Answered (FAQ)

These are some of the top questions I get sent to my email. If you want your question answered on the weekly Five Question Friday post, send me an email-- 

To view past Five Question Friday posts, click here

Frequently Asked Questions

When did you get married? 
June 2, 2012

Do you work? What do you do for a living? 
Yes, I work full time from home for my dad's company. It's a family company. I am the HR rep and deal with all payroll. I love it to pieces but it's just that-- work. My aunt is my boss and we work really well together. 

What breed are your dogs and how old are they? 
They are both miniature poodles. Oreo is from a rescue so he could have a mix of something else in him, but we usually just say poodle. As of July 2013, Cocoa is 7 and Oreo is 4. 

Do you dye or color your hair?
Please, no.

What happened to your mom? 
She lost her 9 month battle with Ovarian Cancer in 2009. I was 19. 

Do you have a name for your baby girl? 
Yes, we do. We are keeping it as quiet as possible until she makes her arrival. Most of our family knows and a few select friends. 

Was your baby a surprise, were you even trying to get pregnant? 
Obviously we know where babies come from! :) Without getting too personal, we decided at the beginning of 2013 to see what God's plan for us was. My husband knew it would happen immediately and I had my doubts. Imagine my surprise on February 7th, 2013 when a positive pregnancy test was staring me in the face! More about that back here

Are you close to your family? You must be-- they come and visit all the time!
Yes, we are. To most people I am probably too close. Like I said, I work for my dad's company so I talk to my family members several (read: 20) times a day. 

Not only my family, but my husband's family as well. We don't like to say "his" family and "my" family--it's our family. We have a wonderful support system and we are blessed with such loving family members! 

What does your husband do for a living? 
I would like to keep his life as private as possible, but he's a LEO. Do I have any LEO wives on here? Be sure to say hi!

Do you use Twitter, Instagram, Keek, or Kik? 
Just Twitter and Instagram. You can find me on Twitter here-- @DCBoeses. My Instagram name is ElBoese

Friday, July 26, 2013

Bumpdate-- 27 Weeks

27 weeks..we are in the third trimester! I can't believe it. Where has the time gone? Still feeling great but cannot get enough sleep, ever.

I had my glucose test and my Rhogam shot today so I'd say today was eventful. For any of my pregnant friends I definitely recommend the fruit punch flavored glucola, not the orange! Fruit punch tasted like kool aid. I have a very sensitive stomach and didn't feel sick until I got home. Oh and my husband treated me to Chick Fil A breakfast for not barfing and making a fool of myself.

My husband is such a baby and is scared of shots. I had this odd feeling I had to get the Rhogam shot in my booty, and I was right. He could not keep it together-- he kept laughing at me hunched over getting a shot in my butt. The nurse could barely control herself and I thought my husband was going to faint. He kept saying "That needle is HUGE!".

How far along? 27W6D

Maternity Clothes: Obviously. Starting to get uncomfortable with some bras, may have to get some this weekend.

Tank and jean shorts from Motherhood. 

Stretch Marks? Boobs. Are. Covered. Belly is still in the clear, but very veiny. Bright blue veins are shooting across my belly.

Sleep: Sleeping OK. Wake up a lot to either pee or roll over. I can tell I'm keeping the dogs up in the night because they sleep all day long.

My husband goes to bed in sweat pants and a hoodie (with 600 blankets) and I sleep in shorts and a tank top. I cannot get cool enough! We keep the a/c at 70...I'm afraid to see what our bill will be.

Best moment this week: Probably finalizing plans for our shower in NY in September. Went out to lunch with a friend today which was really fun.

Miss Anything? Sleeping on my belly. Well, sleeping in general. Trying to soak up every bit of being pregnant, I think I'll miss it!

Craving anything? Milk and ice water.

Movement: Feeling movement throughout the day! She's most active when her daddy gets home from work-- 10PM/11PM. I attempted video'ing my alien belly for my MIL but it is still hard to notice unless you're really paying attention.

I feel kicks all over. My hips, way low, and way up high. I'm curious to see what position she's in but she seems pretty content in there.

Anything making you queasy or sick? Today I've just felt off from the glucose test, but usually no. The oven still makes me feel light headed, but that's it.

Have you started to show yet? I think some people still must think I'm fat. Sweet. A lady at the mall the other day just stared at me, which was incredibly awkward.

Okay, this picture makes me look huge. Holy crap, can I get any bigger (seriously)? 

Gender: Baby GIRL!

Labor signs: No

Belly button in or out: In

Wedding rings on or off: On

Happy or moody most of the time: Happy. Very blessed. We are constantly thanking God, talking to BG, and telling her how much we love her!

Looking forward to: Getting BG's nursery together. We looked over our list and figured out what is absolutely necessary, and what is not. This taggie blanket was obviously a necessity.

He cannot wait to meet his lil sis! 

Symptoms: Extreme fatigue, not sleeping well, and sore/achy all over.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Learning To Love My Pregnant Body

After reading this post on a blog I love, I thought it was important I share my feelings on my "new" pregnant body.

I really hope this post doesn't get too long and wordy.. I hope none of my posts ever feel that way but I have lots of say and hopefully I'll just get straight to the point.

The summer before 10th grade I got this crazy idea in my head that I was fat. Mind you, I have never been overweight in my life (Ehh, I was over 9 pounds at birth. Guess I was overweight at that point). I have actually always been pretty tiny, but something in my head told me not to eat. So I didn't.

Long, long, ridiculously long story short, I lost about 20 pounds and weighed less than 100 pounds (I've always been pretty athletic, and 5'4). Because of my rapid weight loss, I was a pretty cute flyer on my high school's varsity cheer team.

Enter my husband. I couldn't starve myself and date someone, so I honestly just started eating again. My parents immediately loved the guy, and I was happy and comfortable in my skin.

My mom (even on her death bed) always reminded me that you are never cured of an eating disorder. While I do have to agree with her, I think I have been able to silence the demons in my head that tell me I'm fat on a daily basis.

Moving on.

When I found out I was pregnant, I was worried I would struggle with gaining weight. (Looking back, HA!). It was secretly in the back of everyone's minds, but I knew I had to do what was best for my baby.

Maternity clothes shopping was hard. What do you mean I cannot wear my regular size 2 pants with a bella band for nine months? That's what all my skinny friends did, why can't I? Oh, because of my Kim Kardashian butt..sweet.

Having the sales associate tell me I should probably try a size MEDIUM instead of a small was mortifying.

And then something amazing happened while I was pouting in the Pea in a Pod dressing room.

My belly was moving and I could see it from the outside! 

My little girl moving around and saying "Hi Mommie!".

Some days are really hard. It is a constant struggle. Some days I feel like a busted can of biscuits. And others? I feel like a fertility goddess. Seriously.

Hello-- that nose and that ear? We made that. My body created that. How cool is that.

While most days I sit in the shower and wonder if I will ever get back to my pre-prego body, I appreciate everything. Every pound (there are a lot of them), every random bright blue vein (What the heck are those?), the stretch mark under my right boob, and my shallow belly button. 

I will take all of that and more for my little gal. 

What I can't forget is that we are having a baby girl. A girl who has to grow up in this skinny obsessed world and survive. I have to remember that I cannot complain about my body, period. I have to teach her to appreciate her body, and not be size 0 obsessed. 

It will be a learning curve for everyone. Part of me thinks that's why God blessed us with a girl; He wants us to appreciate our bodies together. He wanted to test me. God is funny. :) 

So to all of my mama friends out there who are reading this-- You are all so beautiful! Each and every one of you are not only physically beautiful, but spiritually beautiful. xO

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bumpdate-- 26 Weeks

Woo hoo-- 26 weeks! Where is the time going? When the heck am I in the 3rd trimester? Ha. I think it's 27 or 28 weeks.

We are finally settled in our new place (more on that back here) and I have every urge to nest-- clean, organize, buy crap, and get rid of stuff. Just ask my sister. When she was here I was literally sending my husband to the trash with the most random items.

It seems that lil miss gets a new present in the mail every day. She's quite a popular little girl! Almost everything is giraffe is the funniest thing in the world.

How far along? 26W5D

Maternity Clothes: Yup. Special shout out to my auntie Sharon who, while my other aunt was gifting me with two adorable onesies, gave me her size LARGE Nike shirt and told me it was the most practical gift I'd receive. Hey, she's totally right because I'm rocking it 24/7.

Stretch Marks? Just under my one boob. Nothing on the belly yet..knock on wood. We did have another scare when my sister was here but after lots of inspecting she determined it was a vein.

Sleep: Cannot get enough. Take a good 1 1/2- 2 hour nap every day and sleep for at least 10 hours a night. Apparently this is all normal in the 3rd trimester (now if only I knew when the 3rd trimester starts..)

Knock on wood have not had any round ligament pain in the middle of the night lately (praise God)!

Best Moment This Week: We officially have a shower date! I'm so excited to travel to NY in September and can't wait to see my family. Now the only issue is finding something to wear.

And this funny story:

Every Monday I give my husband a list of "to-dos" for the week. This week he had to call our insurance company and find out how much more per month our BG will be.

I was in the office working and could hear him on the phone talking to the lady on speaker phone. If you don't know my husband then take my word for it-- he's super awkward on the phone. He doesn't know how to start/stop conversation, he is just weird.

Regardless, the lady reminds him that if we provide documentation of my pregnancy, we can get a free breast pump. He asks what he needs to do and she connects him to another line. The next lady answers and my super-awkward-but-awesome husbands says "Hi, I need my free breast pump" and I about lost it. The lady on the other end of the phone asked, "Is your wife aware you're calling on her behalf?". Um, no. He's just calling because he wants to use a breast pump. Sigh.

Miss anything? I love being pregnant! I will definitely miss it. But I do miss sleeping on my belly and not being hot 24/7. And I miss drinking all the Diet Coke in the world.

Craving Anything? Just milk. Cannot get enough!

Movement: My little dancer! She is active at the same time of day every day-- 11AM and 10PM-Midnight.

As most of you know, before I was pregnant chocolate made me sick. Early in my pregnancy, I got an urge to try some. The smell is still a bit weird, but I can definitely handle chocolate in small amounts right now.

When BG doesn't move for a few hours and I get nervous, I throw a tiny handful of chocolate chips in my mouth and she rocks and rolls. It's so funny! She is just like her grandma. I can just see my MIL taking our little girl out for chocolate ice cream and my little girl bouncing around the room!

Anything making you queasy or sick? Butter, popcorn, and garlic. And our oven being on is the worst.

Have you started to show yet? There is no more hiding the bump, people.

Gender: Baby girls are the best!

Labor signs: No

Belly button in or out: In. And for the blog reader who didn't believe me here's your proof:

Wedding rings on or off: On

Happy or moody most of the time: Today I was very irritable for whatever reason. I made some cookies and felt much better. :) Every little thing was just getting on my nerves. Besides that, I'm usually in a great mood and very happy. 

Looking forward to: Our appointment. Changed it to Monday so my husband wouldn't have to rush back to get to work. We will get to schedule my RH shot and the glucose party (ha) so that is kind of exciting! 

Symptoms: (Decided to add this one). Extreme fatigue, get full really easily, back/leg/thigh/calf pain, and charlie horses 24/7.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wordless Wednesday-- July 17th

My neighbors sent these to me when we were out of town.

Happy Wednesday, folks! xO

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Nursery Progress (Or lack thereof)

So now that we've officially moved, it's time to get ready for this baby. That is why we we'd have room for her! 

Lucky little girl gets her own nursery, but it is pretty tiny. Good thing she'll be pretty tiny for a while! :)

Our changing table is from Target. Cannot find a direct link for it, sorry.

We have a changing pad so we just need the cover. Probably going to wait until her bedding arrives so I can see what I want. We also registered for these changing pad liners so we don't ruin a cute pad cover. 


Right now I'm envisioning all the diaper essentials in baskets in those cubbies-- wipes, dipes, cream, whatever. 

The nursery gets a ton of light, so we'll definitely need to find some curtains for both of the giant windows. Luckily my FIL hung the curtain rods so all we need to do is find curtains and plop them up there! 

I'm going to wait on picking out curtains until we have her crib and bedding-- this way we'll see if we need a pop of color or stick with a neutral. 

All her fluff was shoved in the bookcase (more on that back here) so I decided to throw her dipes in the changing table drawers. At least this way I don't have to worry the dogs are going to get into them! They still have to be stripped, prepped, and stuffed, but at least they are out of the way (for now). 

Like that giraffe? The giraffe theme is really sticking. Someone sent that after they found out about Henry!

Right now the bookcase is holding random items people have sent that I'm not quite sure what to do with. I think we'll put the few stuffed animals (Raggedy Anne/Andy, giraffes, etc) on some shelves, the humidifier on a night stand, and the blanket draped on a rocker. 

Still not sure what I'm going to do with her headbands.. any ideas? Either an apothecary jar or something like this

The clothes just sit on the floor. How awesome is that? I have no idea what we'll be doing for clothing storage because we don't have much room! 

I'm not a fan of those "cube unit" things, but I think that's about all we can do. 

If you have some suggestions, please let me know! No, we don't have a closet in the nursery. Boo. :(

And of course Henry! I am envisioning lots of shelves filled with books and picture frames above his head. We have some black Ikea shelves that I'm sure I'll end up painting white.  

My husband is obsessed with these growth charts, so I'm sure we'll have one stuffed in a corner somewhere in here. He wants to prop our baby girl up on one the moment we get her home!

And while I'm linking to Etsy, I'm totally head over heels in love with these pom poms.

They are so much cuter than a mobile and so super easy to make! I will definitely be making at least 200 of these to throw up over her crib. 

So far, that is all we have planned. I cannot wait to post more as we fill up her nursery! Thanks for all the love, people! xO

Friday, July 12, 2013

Five Question Friday-- July 12th

Happy Friday, people! Hopefully y'all had a great week and you're ready to tackle the weekend.

I'm home from my vacation and I'm so thankful I have all weekend to recuperate. :) We had a wonderful time and I'll be sure to post about it when I have 33 seconds to spare.

This weekend I hope to clean up, do some laundry, and get a whole bunch of groceries. I still feel quite unsettled in our new place and have a strong urge to nest!

1. How is your back pain? (Mentioned back here)

Thank you for asking! It is slightly better. I'm able to walk but not very far. Lately it's been traveling from my back all the way down my butt and thighs and even my calves sometimes! It's horrible. My pregnancy pillow is a lifesaver.

Hopefully now that life is a bit more relaxed, the pain will subside.

2. Where did you get your shirt from this post

Pea in a Pod. I cannot find a link but it's pretty new so you should be able to find it!

3. Have you worked on your birth plan yet? Do you have a format you recommend or did your Dr provide one? 

NO! I suck and am totally slacking, I know. We know the meat and potatoes of it, but still need to research a few things. It's not like you can plan your entire birth....stuff is going to come up that is out of your control! It's just important to note what is important to you.

The most important thing I have to note is that I have the RH factor. We can't forget that!

I have a birth plan that a friend created. I can ask her if I can share it but again-- as long as you note what is important to you, a detailed format is not necessary (in my opinion).

4. What do you guys have to do to get ready for baby? Do you have a list of stuff, classes, etc? 

What don't we have to do? I'll try to do a post on it but we have a ridiculous amount of crap to accomplish. God gives you 9 months to prepare, though, so I'm not stressed!

Yup! We are taking lots of classes throughout the month of August. My husband is a saint and signed us up for everything. He's most excited for the hospital tour, LOL.

5. Are you going to continue your job once baby girl arrives? 

Yup! I think I'll take a few weeks off but work right up until she gets here.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Bumpdate-- 25 Weeks

25 weeks and feeling great! As most of y'all know we had a sneak peek of Lil Miss earlier in the week. 

She's such a cutie patootie with her little nose! 

She yawned for us which was absolutely amazing to watch. She weighed 1 lb 10 oz and was 53% for weight. They don't do height/length anymore, I guess. 

Bonus: They were able to get the shot of her spine they needed so we are done with ultrasounds! Can't believe the next time we see her she'll be in our arms! 

How far along? 25W5D

Maternity Clothes? Yup. My husband confirmed my $79 maternity capris look too big after I took the tags off so that's awesome. Whoops. 

I wear all regular clothes around the house/workout/sleep, so it's only maternity clothes if we're going out somewhere "nice". 

Stretch Marks? Just under my one boob. 

Sleep: Sleeping okay. A few times I've woken up to round ligament pain (more about that here) in my belly. It is absolutely awful. Luckily my husband and I have a great system-- I wake him up, he gets me ice for my special pregnancy pillow, and sets up a pile of pillows to prop my feet up. Yes, he's amazing. 

What's even more fun is getting a charlie horse during the whole fiasco. I have trouble falling asleep after the whole experience so I usually stay up and watch infomercials on Wen Hair Care or something. Sweet. 

It was so bad during our moving/visitors week that every night before bed we would literally pray that it wouldn't happen again. 

Best Moment This Week: Being on vacation! 

Besides that my SIL and sister were able to feel BG move so that was cool. I kept poking her around when we would watch movies with my MIL, but BG is a bit stubborn....she gets that from her daddy, just sayin'. 

We also officially have a changing table! 

Miss Anything? Not really. Lately I've had to force my daily Diet Coke down, so I can't say I miss drinking 4 or 5 of those a day. 

Craving Anything? Not really. Y'all saw I got my famous parfait and it was amaze balls! I miss my giant fruit salads and can't wait to get home and make one. 

Movement: Loving every bit of it! BG loves scary movies-- she moves throughout the whole thing! She also moved the whole time I sat at the beach yesterday. I could see my bathing suit moving! 

Anything making you queasy or sick? Popcorn still looks horrible. My cousins bought a giant smores cake that I literally can't even look at. It's a shame because it looks beautifully decorated.

Have you started to show yet? I'd say so. The lady at the nail salon was shocked I was 6 months pregnant and asked if I ate food. It made me want to eat her. 

She also thought I was 18. Sigh. 

I paid $6 extra for some paraffin wax thing. Who knows. 

Gender: Our little girl! 

Labor Signs: No

Belly button In or Out: In

Wedding Rings on or off: On. Well, I forgot them on our vacation so the nail tech was probably judging me. Who cares. 

Happy or moody most of the time: Happy, but I get moody when I'm tired. 

Looking forward to: Organizing BG's nursery and my next appointment on the 19th.  Oh, and I sent my cousin out to get me some candy so I'm looking forward to that. Ha. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Monday, July 8, 2013

Moved, Visitors, and Why I'm Never Moving Again

Thank God our lease doesn't end until October 2014. I never want to move again. Next time I'm 6 months pregnant and think moving is a great idea, just shove my head underwater. 

As most of you know we moved just two doors down to an apartment that's at least 300 square feet bigger. The dogs love the extra space (so does their mama) and the gigantic window in the living room (not pictured but I promise I will get one soon!). 

We're still in search of a new couch. Something....anything that is bigger and more comfortable than what we have now. We aren't picky. 

We got the most perfect little perch for the dogs to look out my office window. They absolutely adore it! I can't wait to work all day and have them sit there and look out the window. It's from Bed Bath and Beyond and I even put some work supplies in the cubbies underneath it. 

My sister and I went shopping for the day and came home with an entire shopping cart full of crap. We only had one bathroom this entire time, so I had to go out and get crap for our now second bathroom because she was staying there that night! Then after my sister left, my in laws came! 

Like I said, it has been a whirlwind. 

A whirlwind, but we managed to stop and smell the roses. :)

On Wednesday we had our last ultrasound and got to peek at BG. I love getting to see her and could stare at that screen all day. 

She's such a beaut! We got to see her yawn which is just amazing! God is so good. I'll report more on the u/s on my 25 week bumpdate (for the most recent one, click here). 

We've got about 100 days until my due date-- some days I feel like it's going by fast and others I feel like I've been pregnant forever. 

Got a famous parfait! It was delish. No, I don't want to know how many calories. 

When my in laws were here we went on a boat ride on the Potomac which was so much fun. Anything to get me out of our cramped apartment! 

I'm so self conscious with my big 'ole belly but here's my SIL and me! It was a beautiful night. 

My view this morning. 

And as if all of these visitors and moving wasn't enough going on, now I'm on vacation. Well, I didn't take work off so I'm still dealing with work issues, BUT it is still nice to be away. 

We're an hour away at a cute house by the bay with some of my NY family. It is so beautiful here! 

More later people! xO

Friday, July 5, 2013

Five Question Friday-- July 5th

Hi there! I hope all of you had a wonderful 4th and you celebrated well into the night like us. There were some beautiful fireworks downtown that we were able to watch from the roof of our building.

I have so much to catch you up on, but we moved on Monday. It is so nice being in a much bigger place. My in laws are here now and then we take off for our beach vacation on Sunday. Lots going on at the Boese household!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and I promise to update soon!

1. How are you going to decorate the nursery? Do you have a theme or picture you're going by?

No clue! You all know I love this blanket, so I will be incorporating that into the nursery somehow. Right now the nursery is just a changing table, bookcase, and some goodies we have purchased/received!

2. I love your bathing suit (from this post)! Be sure to get a picture. You didn't want to get a bikini?

Thank you very much! No, wasn't totally ready to rock a bikini yet. Maybe next time?

3. How did you spend the holiday?

Nothing too crazy. We shopped a bit in the morning/afternoon and came home and grilled out. My favorite part? Baked beans! We also made Special K Bars again. Yum!

After we ate we went up to the pool/roof area and watched the fireworks. They were beautiful! We came home and at 11 some idiot decided to shoot off more fireworks. Sweet.

4. Do you make your bed everyday?

No. :( My mom would be disappointed. Maybe 4 days out of the week.

5. How much time do you spend on your computer a day?

Hmmm. On a typical work day I'd say all day. Luckily when I'm on the phone I stand up and walk around, walk the dogs several times a day, and stop for lunch.

On the weekends I try to avoid the computer like the plague. :)