Monday, April 29, 2013

Pinterest, Baby!

Who is on Pinterest? Seriously, you need to join and I promise you-- your life will never be the same! 

Since announcing my pregnancy I have definitely pinned a few things, but certainly haven't gone overboard. 

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I definitely thought I would have 8 million baby things pinned, but I have kept it pretty simple and only have a few of my favorite things pinned. 


Seriously? I'm obsessed with this. Boy or girl (just throw a headband on baby girl) this would totally work. 

Totally in love with this elephant onesie, too! As I have mentioned, I have a feeling this baby is a boy so most of the outfits I like are for boys. 


Found this after searching "Nursery bookcases". Remember how I mentioned we bought 2 large bookcases for Baby B? While I'd love to fill them with just books, I think we'll end up doing something like this-- baskets (maybe labeled?) filled with goodies/burp cloths/etc, extra blankies, and stuffed animals. 

I haven't thought about paint yet..obviously waiting to find out if we're getting a little he or she! 


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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Bumpdate-- 15 Weeks

Hi people! Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend-- we certainly are! My husband is of course at work but I'm getting lots done around the house and will leave soon for a walk. Yesterday I did 8 miles and slept like a baby..first time in probably 3 months. Sweet.

How far along? 15W1D

Maternity clothes? Bought some jeans last week. Hate them. Think I will be rocking sun dresses all summer and jammies in my house until this baby makes his/her appearance.

My FIL came to town and I could not be seen in the maternity jeans, so I came up with this get up. Yes I look like I'm going to a night club, but it worked. Also wore this the next day to the doctor. And the following day to the mall. 

I think it's only a matter of time with this outfit, though, because the waistband was digging into my hips. :( I've heard great things about Gap's maternity leggings, so I may be ordering some soon.

Stretch marks? Nope. Haven't used the smelly stuff in a few days, shoot! I made my husband inspect and he confirmed-- nothing yet. Apparently stretch marks are hereditary..don't think my mom had any so we'll see!

Sleep: Sleep is improving! Getting up to pee around 3-4 every morning but not so bad. Also put on our "summer" quilt earlier so I should sleep great tonight. (You know I won't now that I said that).

This is what I carry around on a typical wonder I pee so darn much!

Best moment this week: Going to the doctor and hearing baby B on the doppler (152 BPM), eating Chipotle after, and scheduling our anatomy scan for 18 weeks. 

Ran some errands and picked up a 15 pound bag of dog food. My husband wouldn't let me carry it because he was afraid I was suffocating our child....I then asked him what he thought moms do when they are pregnant and have a little one to carry around. Stumped him! 

Miss Anything? Unlimited Diet Cokes, lunch meat, hot baths, and hot dogs. 

Movement: Pretty sure I have been feeling movement a little bit each day, but it could be my tummy growling. 

Food cravings: Yogurt/granola parfait, Chipotle, hamburger with fries, and a grilled cheese.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Popcorn, chicken, cinnamon rolls, and chlorine (there is a pool where I walk). When our oven is on it smells awful and makes me gag. :(

Have you started to show yet: Just fat, I think!

Gender: I say boy, find out at 18 weeks.

Labor Signs: Oh Lord no. But I did read that going up/down stairs skipping steps can kick start labor. I have officially stopped skipping steps!

Belly Button in or out? In, but my husband said it is "inverting". He likes to use big words. ;)

Wedding rings on or off? On

Happy or Moody most of the time: Moody when I'm feeling fat so you could say I'm moody 24/7. Kidding.

Looking forward to: Finding out the gender. I was keeping track of everyone's votes, but it is getting out of hand now.

 Lots of you emailed asking me what the psychic said and she said boy (a fussy boy who is clingy to mama). She also said baby will love to be worn. Can't wait! Yes I know it is sort of a joke but it was fun to be "read". 

Enjoy your Sunday people!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Bumpdate-- 14 Weeks

Happy Saturday! Saturday is my favorite day of the week because that means I have turned the page to a new week-- today it's 14

Kind of crazy because I remember going for a blood test when I was only 5 weeks pregnant..that feels like a lifetime ago!

How far along? 14W

Maternity clothes? No. Discovered yesterday I can't button my pants. My husband thought it was the funniest thing..yeah, real funny. For now I'm just rocking the bella band. It sucks by the way. 

Probably the only pants that fit me. Sweet.

Stretch marks? Nope. Still applying the smelly stuff every day.

Sleep: Sleeping a little better with the craziest dreams. The humidifier helps a lot!

Best moment this week: Getting an adorable little PJ outfit in the mail and getting 2 giant book cases from our neighbors! 

We wanted to put it on Oreo but decided not to.

They are about 56 inches high, so huge! I'm imagining painting it a white/grey/pink for a girl or grey/blue/green for a boy. Probably fill it with books and then some baskets for burp cloths/diapers/toys. Sort of like the bookcase picture here

Another fun thing this week? I got a pregnancy/baby reading. Yup, judge me. It was amazing and worth $12. Some people think it's hokie (and it is), but my mom was really into it and I thought she would want me to do it. 

Miss Anything? Diet Coke, subs (lunch meat in general), hot baths, & coffee.

Movement: Not really. Swear I felt something yesterday morning. Who knows!

Food cravings: Philly cheese steak sounds amazing and a fruit/yogurt parfait with granola. Hook a prego up!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Popcorn, pork, cinnamon rolls, chlorine, and sauce of any kind.

Have you started to show yet: Hmm, no. I could probably hide it for a few more weeks, but definitely feeling fat. My husband can definitely see a difference and keeps saying "Where the heck did that come from?!" Oh and my favorite line from him last week, "Your hips have gotten so wide! I thought that didn't happen until right before the baby comes." Really?

Gender: I say boy, find out soon enough!

Labor Signs: Oh Lord no.

Belly Button in or out? In

Wedding rings on or off? On

Happy or Moody most of the time: Moody when I'm tired or hot but happy the rest of the time.

Looking forward to: My FIL comes on Monday, Doctor appointment on Wednesday where I can hopefully schedule the anatomy scan, and my dad comes Thursday. Holy God I should probably find some clothes that fit. 

Okay, people! Hope everyone has a great Saturday! Thank you for all the kind words and love.. we are so excited and blessed! 

Friday, April 19, 2013

Five Question Friday-- April 19th

Happy Friday, y'all!

I have had the news on all day watching this nonsense in Boston. And of course I'm playing Sweet Caroline while I "work". My boss said she popped popcorn and is watching the news so you can guess what kind of "work" I have today. :-)

Tonight we are meeting a friend for dinner at our favorite burger place-- should be fun! Tomorrow I need to run to the mall for a few errands and Sunday will be cleaning...woo hoo!

You guys sent in a ton of questions regarding Baby B so I'll do my best answering them over the next few weeks.

Have a great weekend! xO

1. Are you excited to be a mom? What are you most excited for?

Obviously we are excited, LOL. My husband has literally been on cloud 9 since he got that life changing text in February. I was a bit more cautious (I still am!) at first, but definitely excited.

I definitely don't have something I'm most excited for, but here are a few: being a younger parent (therefore I'll be younger when he/she is older), finding out if we're having a boy or girl, having all our family/favorite people here in October to celebrate little's birthday, and experiencing a true miracle. I'm also excited to see my husband be a parent and our parents be grandparents. 

2. Are you going to post about pregnancy/Baby B?


3. Do you really think the gender predictor kit worked? (Here)

Guess I was not clear enough in my post, but no-- I know it's not a definite answer. :-) It was just a fun little thing to do!

4. Are you nervous/scared of anything?

Of course. For the first several weeks I was worried I would lose the baby, then I was worried I was carrying a dead baby, but that is such a typical fear for everyone.

I'm now in the "safe zone" so the chances are low, but I am still paranoid. I just have to remember that God has a plan and what's mean to be will happen!

I'm trying to educate myself as best as possible so I'm very aware of everything that's going on. This should hopefully eliminate some fears!

5. Do you think you still want to rent when baby comes?

Yes. I'll save a whole post for this but yes, I think we'll either renew our lease our find a cheaper place to live that's bigger.

I think if anything we'll be getting a bigger car. Keep ya posted!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Day in the Life-- April 17th

I get lots of emails asking what my typical day is like, so yesterday I made sure to take pictures of the "bigger" things so I can show you want a normal Wednesday is like. Enjoy!

7AM-- Get up, run the dogs out, and inhale breakfast (usually yogurt mixed with berries/bananas/chia seeds). Someone from work typically calls around this time to talk, so I'll pick up the house while inhaling food. It's quite a scene. :)

8AM-- Work! The dogs will usually sit on their bed beside me or on the futon behind me. I'll open the blinds so they can bark at people (Such a thoughtful neighbor, I am).

11AM-- Walk a little monster known as Fenway..

It usually ends up being a good half hour/45 minutes, so I'll go back inside and work until lunch.

Noon/1PM: Lunch while watching the news or reading/journaling. Lunch is usually like the picture below. Lean Pockets are the bomb diggity!

Run the dogs out after I eat and they want to play when we come inside. Sometimes I'll sit and play with them for a few minutes but I'm a terrible mother, so mostly not.

Plates are from Macy's. Don't like them anymore-- found some new ones I love!

Work until it's time to take Fenway out again at 3. Eat a snack/make calls/text Fenway's owner while we're on our walk.

By the time I get in my husband is usually home so I quickly say hi (tell him to give the dogs attention) and run back into the office until around 5:30-6.

My husband will do one of the following while I work: Eat, sleep, watch TV, play video games, make as much noise as possible, occasionally feed the dogs, and leave handcuffs/other police gear on our dining room table (because our neighbors don't think we are weird enough, now they come over and see handcuffs on our table. Sweet).

Around 6 I convince my husband to work out with me. Most days he says yes but his allergies are bad so he stays home. Boo.

7PM: Get home and my husband is asleep (poor guy) so I have soup and a grilled cheese for dinner. Wonder what he had for dinner. Probably ice cream. I'm an awesome wife.

Since I'm not supposed to take hot baths (major sad face) anymore, I put my feet in the tub and read for 15 minutes. My husband scared the daylights out of me by blowing his work whistle three inches from my face. I love him.

Since he did that I thought we could read together a little when I got out of the shower. I'll talk more about this book later but we're both in love with it. My husband is really involved with this whole pregnancy/birth and I'm so thankful.

I will discuss all my new reading material soon, promise!

We read for about a 1/2 hour, watched the news (yup, we 75 years old), and I went to bed.

Like I said, there really isn't a typical day in my life because my husband has such weird work hours/days.

That is pretty much how it works around here-- hope everyone has a great day!


Monday, April 15, 2013

Life According to My Phone-- April 15th

Happy Tax Day! Hopefully you have filed your taxes or you took the day off to do them today.

Okay by now you have probably read about our announcement-- stay tuned for lots of fun updates!

Oreo loves his apples! 

Why yes I spent $30 on this gender predictor kit. I just want to know already-- boy or girl? More info on it here.

Is there any denying that? Ha.

One night before bed Cocoa refused to put any pressure on one of her back legs. I was trying not to panic but it was pretty scary to watch her run on three legs (when she has 4!). 

When it was time for bed, Cocoa sprinted (on all 4's) to the bed to get her treat. Really? So I texted my dad the story the next morning, LOL. 

As most of you know I walk several dogs for neighbors-- it's a fun little side job! Fenway & Shadow are the 2 I walk most often. More on Fenway back here and more on Shadow back here

So my new little guy is Pippen! He's a Beagle mix and such a sweetie. Seriously, I hate leaving him when it's time to makes me so sad! 

My husband was afraid of him when I first started walking him and wouldn't touch him. He does kind of look like a Pit and if he is, oh well. But surprisingly Pippen is very calm and sweet. Of course we brought him over to our place and he headed straight for Oreo's toys..

Who would have thought my 9 lb poodle would growl and snarl at this "scary" looking dog?! 

Got this table because our bed side tables are super tiny and couldn't hold the humidifier I got. My MIL found it at Bed Bath & Beyond so I snagged it-- super easy for my husband to put together. 

The baskets are from Target (similar here). Think they were around $10-$12 a piece. One has the dogs' sweaters in it and the other has slippers. :-) 

And I'll post more on those books later this week!

Spring is here!

This is my favorite park to jog/walk to. To the far right is the airport and I love to watch the planes land and take off. My FIL said he can see this park when he leaves DC so I always try not to look like an idiot while I work out. Ha!

Fenway got Cocoa & Oreo an Easter basket. Note the hole in the toy. Sweet. 

Sometimes I'll take pictures of the dogs I walk and text them to the owners so they know they're doing OK. :) 

Shadow is super sweet. She is about 164 years old and our walks take so long. But ya know? It's nice walking a dog that doesn't pull the leash the entire time!

I'm going to dedicate a whole post to this stuff so you just wait. But seriously-- go out and buy 10 bottles STAT! 

Everybody always ask how they sleep, so here!

Our after-Dr. day date

My husband wore a bright orange SU shirt around campus..he got a lot of dirty looks. 

After the doctor last week we walked through Georgetown and had a little afternoon date. It was lots of fun! I think Georgetown is so beautiful with all the old buildings and church. 

We got some Georgetown cupcakes, had lunch, and walked around. Going to the cupcake place made me think of my visit with my sister! (I think we left with either 6 or 12 cupcakes. She even froze one and brought it back for her that is love!).

Next time we plan to stop at "the stairs" from the Exorcist! (More on that here). 

And of course Dean & Deluca. My dad introduced me to Dean & Deluca in NYC and I have been obsessed ever since. And then my dad got my husband hooked. 

It's basically a fancy grocery store. The one in NYC has a cafe in it but ours doesn't. We left with $30 worth of goodies-- so much fun! 

Haven't tried this yet but it only has 88 calories (compared to almost 200 in regular PB)! Also got some tasty granola, a s'mores bar, and my husband left with about 20 rock candy bars. 

So one day I walked to Target and bought this bad boy. You don't understand how hot I am 24/7. I cannot stay cold. I mentioned I sleep with ice packs-- I am not joking. Something about having more blood running through my system. Whatever the reason, I'm hoping this sno cone maker will be my new BFF. 

Lately I've been grinding the ice and pouring Vitamin Water Zero over it..absolutely amazing, LOL! 

Tulips are one of my favorites! Loved seeing these on my walk with my husband! Spring is finally here.

Enjoy your Monday, people! xO

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Life Lately-- Surprise!

So on February 7th (two days before my birthday), after feeling so lousy and exhausted, I went back to bed at 9AM. 

My boss called at 9:30, then my dad, then a manager I work with . . and my nap went straight to hell. 

So I got up and went to Target. I knew the answer before I even got in the car but I knew my husband wouldn't believe me..

No denying that, sister. 

On New Year's we toasted to seeing what God's plan for us was..Imagine my surprise 5 weeks later when that was staring me in the face!

I immediately emailed my friend asking how accurate these tests were. There's no way. She laughed in my face. There is a reason those tests are like $6 a pop. 

So around 11AM, (starving) I ate a slice of pizza and texted my husband "Um. So, I'm pregnant. Can you talk?" My husband didn't believe me. He got home and made me pee on 5 more tests, wasting another $30. 

All. Positive. 

Do you believe me now? You can't make this stuff up. It's as if he thought I was these buying positive tests off Ebay. Nut job.

As of yesterday I'm 13 weeks with our little munchkin and we're just super blessed and excited! My official due date is October 18, 4 weeks after our lease is up..sweet!

And I found this from a blogging friend-- I'll try to be good about filling it out: 

How far along? 13W1D
Maternity clothes? Nope.
Stretch marks? Nope. Bought some awful smelling stuff and hoping it works! 
Sleep: Sleep sucks. Hot 24/7. Use a fan, humidifier, no covers, and ice packs. 
Best moment this week: Telling my aunt and our NY family. 
Miss Anything? Diet Coke, subs (lunch meat in general), sleeping, hot baths, & coffee
Movement: Nope, but excited for when it happens!
Food cravings: A sub, cheese, milk, & yogurt.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Popcorn, ground beef, cinnamon rolls, chlorine.
Have you started to show yet: Just fat. 
Gender: I say boy, find out soon enough!
Labor Signs: Oh Lord no.
Belly Button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: Moody at night or when I'm hot but happy the rest of the time!
Looking forward to: The pizza rolls being done and finding out the gender!


Saturday, April 13, 2013

Life Without Paper Towels

Ahem. Note the snow cone cups and straws. Totally necessary. 

Around August I just stopped buying paper towels. We had one roll left and I specifically remember throwing it at my husband and saying "This is the last one. Let's see if we can live without them."

Not really sure what started the whole thing. Probably our lack of counter space. 

Haven't bought a roll since. Haven't really thought about missing paper towels, either. I cannot tell you how much money we have saved, not to mention the number of trees!

My sister visited in late August and before she came I just knew she was going to ask where they were after washing her hands. Funny thing: she never did. I kept saying "Do you see anything missing?".

Nope. Seriously, paper towels are not that necessary.

When people wash their hands in our kitchen sink there are numerous clean towels to choose from-- hanging out of the cabinet, in the sink, or in the basket on the floor.

Told you we don't have any counter space. 

And no, we don't have a ridiculous amount of towels to wash each week.

Do you think you could live without paper towels? Paper napkins? 

What do you have to lose by trying?

My next one my be paper napkins-- haven't decided yet. Would love to splurge on some cute cloth napkins but we use paper napkins all.the.time. 

Do you use paper towels currently?