Friday, September 6, 2013

Bumpdate-- 33 Weeks

Setting the scene for you: It's 11PM and my husband is making me a sandwich. He's taking forever. Literally think he went to go find a cow for the cheese. 

This has been the weirdest/busiest/most stressful week I've had in a long time! Good Lord. I'm so glad the weekend is here and that we have nothing to do. 

We had a check up on BG this week and everything is looking great! I gained 1/2 pound and she was measuring a week behind-- 32 weeks. They said not to worry, she could just be a lil peanut! They pointed out her booty, head, and "extremities"-- she is head down and ready to rock 'n roll! 

How far along? 33W6D (again posting this at the last possible moment)

Maternity Clothes: Obviously, people. Not sure why this is even asked. BUT I prefer my regular clothes when I'm at home lounging. 

Speaking of clothes, I found a shower dress! After our appointment my husband and I scooted over to the mall. I literally left Pea in a Pod in tears (the lady not only suggested a LARGE but told me that they had nothing that would work for me). Luckily MotherHood Maternity had the perfect dress (size Small, ahem) that I feel comfortable/pretty in. Woo hoo! 

Stretch Marks? Nothing new.

Sleep: Waking up 3 times a night to pee. Boo. :( But sleeping okay besides that. 

Best moment this week: Finding my shower dress, another good appointment, and goodies coming in the mail for BG!

Miss anything? Sleeping on my belly. 

Craving anything? Nothing besides fruit. I wanted candy corn but it gave me the worst acid reflux. :( 

Love making giant fruit salads and eating it throughout the week.

Movement: Moving around as I type. :) Active throughout the day and now I can feel her moving (pressure in my belly) as I walk/shower/etc. Feel it all over. 

Anything making you queasy or sick? Just the oven and fried/greasy food.

Have you started to show yet? Yup. 

Gender: Baby girls are the best! 

Labor signs: Nope

Belly button in or out? Same. Barely in and dark. 

Wedding rings on or off? On

Happy or moody most of the time? Happy/blessed/thankful. 

Looking forward to: Road tripping to NY for our baby shower, my in laws visiting when we get back, and getting BG's nursery organized. 

Symptoms: HEAVY feeling legs, congestion, and just being uncomfortable. You don't realize how hard it is to: dry your legs after a shower, put on pants/underwear (with two dogs at your feet),  and bend over. 

I dropped stuff today and made a list for my husband so he could pick it all up when he got home from work. How sad is that?! 

Okay, all for now! Definitely will do better next week, promise. :) xO


  1. I craved fruit salads, too during mine! Looked about the same as yours! At first glance, I thought the "shower" dress was for after you took a shower at the hospital after delivery. LOL! That is though one of the best showers you'll ever take!

  2. You look so great! So nice to keep up with your progress through these updates.