Friday, March 28, 2014

Five Question Friday-- March 28th

TGIF! Oh wait that means nothing anymore, ha ha. 

Woo hoo for the weekend. I'm so glad Monday is not a payroll day because this week has been rough. I'm praying it's going to warm up this weekend and maybe E and I can walk to my favorite park. There's still snow on the ground so I'm doubtful. 

I have so many questions to answer so I'm going to try to get this show on the road every Friday. We'll see how that turns out! 

1. How is E sleeping, how is she napping, etc? 

For the most part, good. She sleeps great for me at night. She gets to sleep by 8:30 and will stir once (sometimes twice) before waking up around 7:30-8:30. I'll wake up to her moving around in the middle of the night so I'll either reswaddle her, nurse her, give her her paci, or just rub her cheek. She always sleeps through whatever I end up doing..which is me just winging it. 

She hates naps. We have a routine, a lovie, a paci, a swaddle, an "aquarium". It. Don't. Matter. She hates naps. I'm lucky to get one hour a day, usually around 10-11AM. 

2. Are you still working? I thought you didn't work? Are you going to quit/move to part time? Is it hard to work with Little E?

Believe it or not this was a very popular question, LOL. Yup still working. No plans on quitting or moving to part time at the moment. 

Yes! Imagine bringing your baby to work, that's what it's like. It makes for very awkward phone calls, conference calls, and emails that take me two hours to reply to. I have no tips for any work-at-home-moms, but if you have any for me please email or leave a comment below! 

3. How is breastfeeding going? Are you still BF'ing? You're STILL BF'ing? 

..Like my kid is in high school. 

Yes, still BF'ing! I feed her on demand, so if you've seen her thighs, that's about all the time. :) In all honesty she eats about every 2 hours if we're at home. If we're out, she rarely gets hungry. She's a very distracted nurser so feeding her anywhere besides our quiet house (or car) isn't very easy. 

It is going great! It's so easy and requires no thought anymore. 

4. What is E's weight/length?

Not really sure. She was at the Dr on Monday and she was 16 lbs, 2 ounces. They didn't do her length but she's well over 24 inches. We'll find out at her 6 month appointment. She's wearing 6 month sleepers and clothes. Some 6 month pants are too tight on her little legs! 

I have to be completely honest.. I'm currently checking out on Etsy so I'm not sure what I'm typing. 

5. What are some of your must have items you are using right now?

Good question! We use A&A blankets, her Pack N Play, Baby Einstein aquarium, rings, teethers, and her play mat the most.  

Okay E is awake! xO

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