Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Life Lately-- March 19th

Sorry for the lack of posts lately! I know, there are no words and I am sorry. This whole work thing, life thing, and everything else going on is a bit crazy.

But, I am here and here for good!

Still doing my Bible reading like a good girl. 

My husband buys Easter candy at Target and I "saved" these foxes. 

Oh, funny story about these socks. One day several weeks ago I wore my husband's work socks (think gigantic white tall things) running and came home with two gross blisters. Basically I was too lazy to put my own socks on.

A few days later my dad came for a work meeting and didn't have any sneakers to work out in at his hotel, so we headed to Sport's Authority. While my husband was driving I showed my dad my blisters and he literally thought we couldn't afford to buy me running socks

He insisted he get me some at Sport's Authority. Poor guy didn't know I was just lazy. 

Up until about a week ago our mantel had 2 baseball caps, an American flag, and a candle on it. 

Theses rascals get groomed tomorrow..thank goodness! 

*Note the lime green hand weight. That's how they watch me do 30 Day Shred

Dog toys!

Syracuse has been playing so poorly lately I am disguising my orange and blue. The other day I went with coral and blue just in case they lost. Good thing because they did. Awesome. 

My husband insisted we get this last week when we did an impromptu store run. His mom used to get this a lot and my heart kind of melted when he said that. Anyways, when we got home it was 6:00. I preheated the oven and chatted with a neighbor for 20 minutes. Imagine my surprise when the box said 75 minutes. Fabulous. But my husband was so happy when it was done I didn't have the heart to complain (too much).

Made this for our friends who got engaged. Okay, I didn't make the glass but you get it.

On St. Patty's day we set out for the parade. It was not as crowded as we expected so we walked through the National Aquarium while we waited for the parade to start. I could be there all day long.. but after losing my sunglasses at security I was ready to knock someone out. 

Ahem. Yup, that's for fruit.

My husband took this of us walking to the metro the other day. No I've never heard of a hair trim, but I'm getting one one tomorrow. ;)

My inlaws have a shrine to us! 

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