Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Happy Tuesday-- Family Visit, Art, & Throwbacks

Hey people!

So my husband's family (Mom, dad, sister) left yesterday morning and we were so sad to see them go. Seriously. This living far away stuff is not easy.

Luckily my FIL travels here a lot so we get our fix. Plus my MIL came in January for my chin surgery. I think I should be thankful that they come when they do. Some people go years without seeing their family!

I might get in trouble for posting this. Whoops.

Saturday we woke up and went to the National Gallery and that's my SIL's favorite. She's really into artsy-fartsy stuff and I love that she has such an interest in it.

So picture this: My husband pushing my FIL in a wheelchair (bum knee. Long story), my SIL running from room to room looking at art, and my MIL & I slowly admiring pieces. Yup, we lost my SIL at least 8 times. 

Side note about my FIL: He had surgery one week before they came and visited. You would think he would complain and not want to wander around this place but he did it happily all while taking photos of his kid. Father. Of. The. Year. 

The architecture is amazing!

My MIL and I wonder how much time and money they spend on the upkeep of this place. Flowers/plants, dusting, sweeping, etc. 

Of course I had to snag this photo! How on earth did a photo of a poodle make it into the National Gallery of Art?! Beats me.

My FIL got a picture of me beside this piece but trust me when I say I look homeless. You can thank me later. 

I really loved the hardwood.

Not exactly sure where/when this was but yes, I only own that grey Northface jacket. That's it.

Told ya. 

My MIL had some photos on her phone that I wanted so I went through and texted them to me. I'll only share two of the 900 (Okay, 15) I stole. 

No idea when this was but.. it describes us quite well. 

I believe this was Christmas Brunch 20..11? 10?

Also stole this beaut! I realized I didn't get any pictures of faces so I will work on that for next time. :-) Seriously, my husband has a wonderful family and we are just so blessed! 

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