Tuesday, March 18, 2014


That would be how we describe it. Alive. These days the day is a success if everyone is alive. Bonus: If the house is tidy. 

I'd say we are finally, finally getting a little "routine" going. The days are long. Hard, sweaty, full of poop, frustrating. Long. But oh so much fun. I couldn't imagine doing anything else. And what do they say? The days are long but the years are short. 

Little E will be 5 months on Thursday. Woo hoo! Each month is more fun than the last. 

I'm so sorry for the lack of life and completely neglecting this little old blog. I will be better (I hope)! 

Let's see:

:: She's rolled over a few times. Still not loving tummy time, but hangs out on her belly for a good while every day. 

:: Emma loves her beauty sleep. She's still waking up once a night for a quick nurse. I don't even think she's really awake..she just stirs. 

:: She loves playing! She can grab all her toys and she puts them in her mouth immediately. 

:: No teeth yet! Our pedi recommended starting solids/Baby Led Weaning at 6 months AND when she can sit up on our own. She turns 6 months on Easter Sunday. Ham, anyone? ;)

I'm going to try to be better about posting. Have a great day, y'all! xO

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