Thursday, March 27, 2014

Life Lately-- March 27th

I'm trying here, people! E is passed out and my husband is browsing Facebook, so I'm hoping to give you a peek into our life as of late.

My dad came a month or so ago. We went to BJ's (we became members around Christmas time) and he was like a kid in a candy store. It was so funny.  

I think we'll end up going 4-5 times a year. We get all the normal stuff plus diapers (for bedtime) and wipes. There tissues were way pricier than Target so I didn't get tissues. I love the big boxes of cereal. Awesomeness. 

Little E sucks on her hands/fingers all.the.time. Note: Her first sproutie! I called it a pony and my friend quickly corrected me. Sprouties 24/7. 

The first time we really took her out on our own for a good while-- we went to the mall, a sports bar (parents of the year), and did some shopping. Fed and changed her in our teeny tiny car. 

Just in case we forget her name!

Got peanut all tucked in for bed, got my jammies on, and the freaking fire alarm went off. Correct that-- we don't have a fire alarm. It's a man's voice saying "There's a fire reported in the building. Please exit immediately". 

Scared the crap out of her. My husband was getting ready to leave for work so he took Little E and I got some blankets (it was 30 out) and the dogs. Ayyy yi yi. 

Thirty-ish minutes later we were allowed back in. Oh, turns out the fire was on our floor. 

Can't have enough pictures of me and my girl. :) I want E to have lots of pictures when she grows up! 

PS-- No, she never wears clothes.

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