Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Life Lately-- January 23nd

Okay, people. After 3 people emailing to make sure I was alive last week (seriously), I figured you deserved an update on life. 

Remember a few weeks back when I posted about my goals? One of them was to ship this bag. Well, here it is. 

There really is no excuse. Besides the fact that it's 24 degrees. Kind of sad that the package that is being mailed has Christmas wrapping paper on it. Shame on me.

We found this in the street on a walk. 

I believe my mom sends me little signs (hugs) from Heaven and I think she sent me this heart. She always went all out for the holidays and for Valentine's Day she would get me cozy socks (to this day I buy myself a pair for every holiday just like she did), candy, and whatever else. 

So maybe this was my Valentine from Heaven?

Put your hands in that position (above) up to your mouth and say "girl". It makes a funny sound and on this particular night I had a lot of energy (and clearly my husband had a lot of patience) because I made the noise the whole way home from dinner. 

My neighbor made this for me before I went to explore downtown on my own. Seriously? It is such a blessing to have great neighbors. Be kind to your neighbors, people! 

I'm obsessed with Will Smith (read more about my obsession here). 

No, I've never heard of make up. 

Extremely long, long, long story short-- my MIL came into town. I had to have a small tumor removed from my chin for the second time and I needed a driver. 

Not only did we have lots of fun (more on that later) but my chin looks lots better. Before I looked like Jay Leno (Can't find a before picture). He he he. 

My dad was worried I was going to overdose on pain pills so I sent him this.

My MIL came with extra Christmas presents and my SIL made this for me! I'm obsessed with it-- she's in a pottery class in high school. 

I've been using it for ice cream, cereal, snacks, and just drinking out of it. It's super cute!

And this fancy schmancy guy! We love it. My in laws are coffee people and as y'all know I'm trying to kick the Diet Coke habit so this is perfect. 

I should probably dedicate a whole post to our new coffee life but it is wonderful. We have this machine and definitely recommend it.

And of course we couldn't leave the store with just the machine. . . Some of our favorites right now are Cafe Mocha (my husband), Pumpkin Spice, and Lemon Zinger tea. Everything is so tasty & warm!

I found the wire basket at Target on clearance for $8-- not bad. 

My sister found this for my husband when she was here. He uses it at least 3x/day. 

The sleepytime tea came with our Keurig and it was tasty! I may buy it again.

And with that my MIL had to go back to regular life. We miss her! It was a super quick visit but they will be back soon

Okay the next picture has some back story. Don't they all? 

My husband hates shots. Or needles. Or something. It could be blood. Whatever it is, he was very firm that he didn't need a flu shot. 

I would watch the news and freak out because people are in the hospital from it. I am a worrier. And a nagger (sorry). 

So when my MIL was here I told her how freaked out I was and she agreed he needed the shot.

That little mama's boy! 

No, I never get my way so yes, I had to take a picture. (Please don't take the seriously, I do get my way but a photo was necessary). 

Afterwards we went to see Zero Dark Thirty and it was good. It was the first movie we went to since the stuff in Colorado so I watched every person who got up and left. It was exhausting. Yes, I am a worrier. I prayed and prayed and only half paid attention to the movie. 

I'm not really sure when this was captured but seriously? How can you not eat that guy up? He's always getting into things. The other night he got a pair of socks out of my drawer and then just hopped right in the drawer. 

Saturday morning we walked to Target for more k-cups (hard to believe) and we stopped at Petsmart on the way back.

This is one of those times where I got my way

Our Petsmart has some day care or something where the customers can watch the dogs play. 

Love the gigantic Great Dane in the mix..

It looked like so much fun and this guy didn't look like he wanted to be there. Poor guy. Hey-- at least he has a job, right? 

Clearly some dogs would rather be at home too.

Okay, that's all folks! xO


  1. Loved reading your update. Looks like your SIL is seriously talented. What a pretty mug!