Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Emma Jane-- 2 Months

Holy macaroni how is our girl 2 months old? We have had so much fun these past two months. Lots of snuggles, baby smiles, and sleepless nights. 

Emma had her 2 month appointment last Friday. She got 3 shots and an oral vaccine for Polio. Emma did pretty good for getting that many shots! Screamed her head off but stopped after Mama bounced her around the room and fed her. :) 

She was also diagnosed with Torticollis. We were sent home with 6,000 pages of information on it and told to stretch her neck out when we can. Emma will see her Pedi again in February and they will tell us if we need to go to physical therapy. 

Height: 22 1/2 inches

Weight: 11.44 pounds (11 lbs, 7 oz)

Clothing size: Some newborn, o-3 months, and 3 months. 

Diaper size: She wears disposables at night and she wears a size 1.

Milestones: Sleeping so well for mama! Emma loves smiling. She smiles every time her daddy walks in the room. 

Sleep: Emma is sleeping pretty good! We start settling her down around 10-- put her in her sleeper and a swaddler, sound machine and humidifier on, TV on, lights off, and put her down around 10:30. She'll get me up around 4/4:30 and will sleep until 9ish. 

She loves napping on her side in her bouncer

Typical day: She gets up around 9 and we'll do tummy/play time, read, count, etc for about an hour. Around 10/10:30 she usually takes a nap until lunch time. She'll eat again then I'll put her on quilt with some "toys" or in her bouncer for an hour or so. She'll usually take another long afternoon nap and wake up pretty hungry. We'll have another play time around 6PM and from then on she'll doze off and on until bed time. I feed her on demand so we have no set schedule. It seems to work best for us! 

Favorites: Mama's milk, her pacifier, watching TV or her Daddy, the bouncer, zip up sleepers, and getting ready for bath time. 

Least favorites: The snot sucker and getting her diaper changed when she's asleep.

This month we really started taking Little E out! She went to the mall and saw Santa, has been out to dinner a few times, and loves Target like her mama. 

Merry Christmas from our family to yours! xO

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