Friday, October 11, 2013

Five Question Friday-- October 11th

TGIF! Can't believe I'm just now getting to this at 6:40PM (and now it's 9:13, sweet), whoops. I promise one day I'll get my act together! 

What are your weekend plans? As usual, my husband is working tomorrow but is off Sunday and Monday. Tomorrow we just have to do a grocery run before he heads to work. :) He picked up a steam mop for us so I'm anxious to try it out tomorrow! 

Not sure what we'll do on Sunday for my husband's day off. Probably try to walk this baby out. ;) We'll see! xO

1. Are you close to having the baby? Are you having any signs, dilated, etc? 

Nope! Cervical checks are unnecessary, cause infection, and don't really matter so are kind of pointless. I can have one if I want but they don't tell you much. The biggest thing is baby's position-- she's head down and has not "dropped" yet at all. I'm carrying her up by my neck still. ;) 

Some things that I'm actually looking out for (that haven't happened yet) would be swelling and obviously my water breaking. 

2. You are going to be such a wonderful mother! What are you most nervous about?

Thank you so much! 

Umm, you weren't very clear-- nervous about birth/labor/delivery? Or nervous about motherhood? Hm. For labor/delivery/birth I'm not really "nervous". I just want everything to go smoothly and bring home a healthy baby girl! I'm not really nervous about motherhood, either! Just excited to be a mama to a little girl. 

3. Do you think you'll want more children? Your pregnancy seemed pretty easy and uneventful. 

It really depends! We'll see what God has planned for us. Let's get this baby out first. :) With that said, we definitely want to have a large family! We came from pretty small families ourselves. 

Yes, my pregnancy was very uneventful/drama free. I'm so thankful! So many of my friends had to go to labor & delivery several times for various reasons. While I did call the Dr a few times, it was only for silly questions. :-) 

4. What are the dogs going to think of a baby? 

Ack! I don't know! They have been around an infant before, but never a newborn. I can't wait to report on how it goes! 

5. Are you doing anything to promote or bring on labor?

Nope. Some people believe in the Red Raspberry Leaf Tea, but I cannot find it anywhere. I think that's a sign I shouldn't be drinking it. Some also swear by evening Primrose Oil. Also not really interested. The only thing I've been doing is walking and bouncing on the darn ball! 

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