Sunday, December 1, 2013


This year we have lots to be thankful for! 

The fact that I have a husband to take pictures of me and my sweet daughter..

There we go!

Thankful that I was able to carry a sweet baby..

...Even though my belly is a giant pudgy mess right now (Also thankful for my belly bandit). 

Thankful for sweet friends who send Miss Emma cute clothes that are not on sale from Baby Gap.

And for sweet friends who send her Christmas presents a month early and insist she opens them right away

Thankful that I can run to Target (for my one outing of the week!) and that I can buy random crap that we need want. 

Ahem. Whoops.

Thankful to be a mama to the cutest, snuggliest, dark hair little gal..

..Even though she looks nothing like me! 

Thankful I'm able to feed my baby mama's perfect milk and that I get sweet smiles like this all day: 

Even though 3 minutes later we had to use the snot sucker. Poor baby. 

And thankful that my in laws bought Emma this cute little play mat. 

..Even though my MIL caught me being mother of the year ignoring my child for my phone. Awesome. 

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