Friday, December 20, 2013

Five Blessings on Friday-- December 20th

Woo hoo for Friday. Hope everyone is having a great morning! 

I thought I would change it up a bit this week and do my 5 blessings on Friday. Click here to see past ones.

What are your weekend plans? We don't have too much planned. Little E has her 2 month appointment this afternoon and Christmas cookies are in the oven. :) YUM! We have officially finished Christmas shopping, just have to wrap a few things. 

Have a great weekend everyone! xO

1. My aunt being here was such a blessing! It is so nice having someone around who can hold Miss Emma so I can pee, brush my teeth, or take the dogs out. It is sooo nice. And it was obviously good to see her, too! 

2. How could you ever have a bad day looking at this sweet face? E is really starting to smile! If you want to get technical, it's called social smiling. Most infants start social smiling at 8 weeks. 

3. Mommy Has An Angel has been such a blessing. Natalie wrote this children's book for grieving mothers. I don't consider myself still grieving from the loss of my mom, but she will always be missing from my life. 

You can read more about Natalie's book here

Clearly Emma was interested!

4. SwaddlePods. Are. Amazing. E has been sleeping great and I give all the credit to these bad boys. I'll try to post more about her sleeping when I get a hot second!

5. My husband's grandmother sent E the best present ever..a homemade quilt! We had no idea she was even making her one. I got an email saying it was arriving and couldn't wait to get it! She is the sweetest lady ever. 

We've been doing tummy time and reading on it every day since it arrived! 

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