Sunday, September 8, 2013

My Mom

The entire time I've had this blog my readers have been asking for a post on my mom. Sorry I have taken so long! I hope this post isn't too wordy or random or long. I'm sure it will end up being all 3. :) Whoops.

So most of you know my mom passed away almost 4 years ago (I was 19). She had Ovarian Cancer for about 9-10 months. 

I'm sure these questions are coming, so I'll answer now:

:: No, it did not run in our family. Well, now it does. 

:: She was 49 when she died.

My mom didn't fit into the "normal" description for people who have Ovarian Cancer. Most are a bit older, never had children, never breastfed their children, weren't on the pill, and are usually overweight. 

There are so many factors and to be honest it's not something I need to go over in length. Obviously I'm no doctor. You can read more about Ovarian Cancer and its symptoms here

I really don't remember much about her illness. She helped me move into my dorm in August of 2008 and by November, she was diagnosed with Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer. 

I specifically remember seeing her on her birthday (November 1st, my husband's birthday) and her telling me to look at how big her belly was (No kidding, there was a giant mass living in there). We had cake for her & my husband (well then my boyfriend) and then we left. 

She had several surgeries.. at least 5 or 6? It was a very long/exhausting/stressful 10 months. It was almost a relief when she passed away-- she was no longer in pain, she was in Heaven, and we didn't have to spend all day every day in a hospital. 

That is kind of all I care to go into about her illness/death. To be honest there aren't many more details. It's just not something I need to relive. 

The last memory I have of her being well was when she moved me into my dorm in August of 2008. We got the keys together and then it started pouring. Instead of moving my stuff in we went to lunch and had hotdogs. She got cole slaw and I hate that stuff so I think I had fries or baked beans. 

We did all the normal mom/daughter things-- shop, get coffee, get our nails/hair done, and go fun places to lunch. One thing I've noticed since she's no longer here? Your mom is the only one in the world who will pay for you to go to a "fancy" hair place. Seriously. She also made sure I went every month. She would probably choke on her Diet Coke if she saw how long I go without a trim now. 

My mom was a piano/voice teacher and played several instruments throughout her life. She taught me how to read music, play the piano, and even sing. None of which I do any more but we always had lots of fun! 

She also loved playing the theme from Halloween when I would go to bed at night. That's probably why I couldn't sleep with the lights off until I got married. 

Not only was she a pianist, but she was a gourmet cook. Sigh, I wish I was exaggerating. She taught me everything I know-- in the 6th and 7th grade I was coming home from school and making gourmet meals. Salads (plated with a garlic-rubbed plate) with hearts of palm, pesto, and over 4 different types of lettuce. 

Every night at dinner we used the "fancy" china and lit candles (which my husband and I do to this day. Not the china, the candles!). The only sucky part was that I had to do the dishes. Every night. That's when I would text my boyfriend and ask if he'd have dinner with us-- then I'd have a dishes helper. :) 

So basically what you should be gathering from this post is that my mother was perfect. Because she was. Looking back she reminds me of Bree Van De Kamp/Hodge from Desperate Housewives. Our house was always immaculate, smelled of whatever was cooking for dinner, and she was dressed beautifully. 

She made everything look so easy. Everything she did she did with lots of grace. And dignity. 

..Except for dressing me in that sunflower dress. Good God! Clearly I was thrilled to be wearing it. Please shoot me when I start dressing BG in outfits like that. :) 

Wow! I'm sorry for how long this post was. Writing about her makes me so happy and brings so many fun/funny memories to mind. 

I'm so thankful so many of you asked me to post about her! xO

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  1. Lizzie, I never had the opportunity to meet your mom -- but through you I see what a lovely lady she truly was. You, too, will raise your little girl with grace, dignity and unfailing, unconditional love. with love abounding, Aunt Michelle