Friday, June 21, 2013

Bumpdate-- 22 Weeks

So I'm terribly behind because tomorrow marks 23 weeks, but who's counting.

We are in a full moving chaos and BG stays up late into the night moving and dancing. She is so much like her dad already!

My back is still killing me. Last night I cried about it and my poor husband stood there asking if I was going to take the dogs out or if he should. Sigh. First thing Monday morning I will be calling all the chiropractors in the metro DC area and hopefully I can get a fix. It's to the point where walking is killing me.

My husband Googled and found that this position is supposed to relieve the pressure. It. Is. Amazing. You can bet I sat in this position all day today while making my work calls.

Had a checkup on Wednesday and everything looked great! BG's HB was 140ish which is pretty normal at this point. I was reminded once again to start getting some thoughts together for a birth plan, so that needs to happen here shortly.

How far along? 22W6D

Maternity Clothes? Same. Wore my grey shorts to my appointment the other day. Need to find a cute bathing suit before our beach trip in 2 weeks..yikes. And maybe a cute coverup or dress.

Stretch Marks: Something is under my boob but all clear besides that.

Sleep: Sleeping great. Hard. Cannot get enough sleep, ever. It's kind of like when I had mono-- I could sleep for 12 hours and still want a nap every day. Everyone says sleep before the baby comes so I'm taking full advantage of that. :)

Best moment this week: My sweet friends who keep sending me stuff! My friend Melissa had twins in February so she sent lots of newborn clothes.

She didn't send the dog or stuffed cardinal, ahem.

My friend Brittany sent this book-- too sweet!

We are just so thankful for these things! To me, used stuff from friends is way more special than something brand new. Pre loved is the best!

Also got my last shipment of fluffy mail! We are totally stocked and ready for BG. At least in the diaper department. Everything else? Not so ready. 

Maybe one day I'll post more on CD'ing but for now, it's been fun to organize and get them ready for BG. 

Miss anything? What do you think? Unlimited Diet Coke, sleeping on my belly, and my back not hurting me.

Craving anything? Nothing really. Hotdogs, but you're not supposed to eat them. Did that stop me from inhaling 2 one night before bed? Heck no.

Cannot get enough fruit! Once a week we walk to the store and spend about $30-$35 just on fruit for me. I come home and spend about a half hour cutting it up and it makes the best fruit salad. Watermelon and cantaloupe are my favorite. :-)

Movement: She moves and she shakes. Mostly after eating a sweet or at bedtime. Her kicks are getting much more noticeable. The doctor reminded me anything constant for a few minutes is the hiccups, not kicks. How sweet!

Anything making you queasy or sick? Garlic, chlorine, and butter. Butter is grossing me out lately!

Have you started to show yet? You could say so. The sweet neighbor girl came up to me and asked if we were expecting and was so excited. Then my dogs proceeded to run out of our apartment and greet her dog. Did I mention she's engaged to the manager of our apartment building? We. Are. Going. To. Be. Kicked. Out.

Gender: Daddy's little girl!

Someone posted in my birth board (October 2013 on BabyCenter, it's like a forum with a bunch of ladies) that her "girl" turned into a boy. I'm officially freaked out! Her first scan was at 18 weeks and at the 24 week ultrasound, she had a boy! Yikes.

Labor signs: None

Belly button in or out: In

Wedding rings on or off: On

Happy or moody most of the time: Happy/excited/blessed!

Looking forward to: Our move and our beach vacation. Actually, just the beach vacation at this point. I'm so sick of moving.

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