Wednesday, June 12, 2013


We have a new family Henry! 

My love for Henry started long before I got pregnant. I've always loved giraffes any animal and several of my friends were buying this giraffe for their kids. I was in love! (Side note: It's taking everything in me to not buy the giant stuffed tiger, elephant, and lion).

How weird would it be for a grown married couple to have a 5 foot tall plush giraffe in their apartment?

Pretty weird.

Enter BG. Once I got pregnant, I was getting that darn giraffe.

Ahem. At 19 weeks exactly? BG got her first stuffed animal..Henry!

He is the coolest thing since sliced bread. Yes, he is exactly five feet tall and can be pretty freaking scary when standing in a dark room. Just sayin'.

Henry pretty much hangs out wherever we are-- he comes in the living room when we have dinner, the office when I work, and lately he comes to bed with us. Ha!

That only worked for one night. I woke up to pee around 3AM and almost peed myself when I saw him. :(

Not cool, Henry, not cool.

We have a ridiculous time scaring each other with Henry, though. I put him in the shower one afternoon for my husband to find..priceless!

Here's Henry and the dogs waiting for my husband to get home from work. Another priceless scare-- I shut off the lights and waited for him to scream. :-) My husband loves me.

I'm sure this is coming but yes-- once we move, Henry will be living in the nursery. He is 100% for BG and I hope she enjoys him as much as her parents have.

All for now! Send your love to Henry. xO

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  1. You know how much I love Henry... and now I love him even more, knowing he's finding ways to startle you and your hubby. That Henry is such a prankster!