Saturday, June 22, 2013

Life Lately-- June 22nd

Happy Summer! I hope someone reading this is going out by the pool with a cold drink. Please, do it for me. And get some sun for me. My husband commented on how white my belly is..he really knows how to compliment a woman. :)

Today I am propped up in my special position hoping to God my back gets better before we move and go on vacation. We're on week 2 so I doubt it will. Sweet.

I've been reading my newest book all day and am about halfway through. I finally finished The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth and definitely recommend it. I know it sounds crazy but I may bring it with me when I have BG..ha ha!

(More on pregnancy/baby reading here).

So we move a week from Monday (9 days, people) and my apartment looks like a junk yard. It's so embarrassing.

Henry hates moving more than I do.

Luckily we sort of have a "system" and it all makes sense in my head. Everything is in sections by what room it belongs in and we've kept it pretty well labeled. I'm sure that will change between now and next Monday.

It will be so worth it though once we're in our new place. BG's stuff is starting to take over our living room and it will be so nice to throw it all in her nursery.

Once we get back from our vacation, we'll be in full on nursery decorating mode. Woo hoo!

My sister sent me this picture a few weeks ago-- apparently the dogs and I were featured on the show Snapped on Lifetime. This was taken when we lived in Orlando.

To be honest I thought she was drunk texting me because it was so completely random. So yeah, we're on TV, people.

Note the dust. Awesome. 

Several weeks ago we took a couple hours and went through every inch of the house. We dumped/donated everything we weren't using. Luckily we do this almost every 3-5 months that it's never very much stuff.

Something was stuck in my drawer so I managed to pull the drawer out, but couldn't put it back. It was so heavy I was worried I would hurt BG picking it up. So it sat there for a good 24 hours before my husband got around to putting it back for me.

That is it for now! Cannot wait to post from our new place and report how it's going! Love all of you and thank you for all the sweet emails, etc! xO

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