Sunday, June 9, 2013

MIL Visit & Anatomy Scan Ramblings

This post is long overdue... and I feel bad! Remember back here when we had our Anatomy Scan/MIL visit? Whoops.

So my MIL got here the afternoon/night before our Anatomy Scan and somehow within 20 minutes of her being here, I managed to drag her to the mall.

Back here I mentioned what clothes I ended up getting..sorry for the lack of photos! I swear I'm working on taking more pictures.

Regardless, I was really happy with Motherhood Maternity's selection and their sales. I definitely recommend them! Clearly I'm not one of those ladies who can wear my regular clothes through an entire pregnancy (well, I could if I wore yoga pants or dresses every day), so it was nice to have clothes that fit me. I feel so good in my new clothes!

Like I have mentioned before, the tops just accentuate the bump and not make me look like a walrus. Totally recommend maternity shirts!

So we got back from the mall and had dinner or something and we got our Anniversary present!

Side note: We totally knew we were getting it and I couldn't get my hands on it fast enough. I know that sounds very greedy but you don't understand unless you are a "scrapper".

So for at least an hour I got to flip through this bad boy:

My second favorite page. Talent!

I am obsessed! Literally, obsessed. To the point where several of my neighbors have come over and I show them. I'm one of "those" people!

This is just a sneak peek. I am going to do a whole post on it but it really is amazing. I cannot remember how long she said it took her but you can tell it was made with lots of love. And blood, sweat, and tears.

I'm sure this is going to be asked-- The scrapbook covers our engagement, through the wedding planning process, and then our wedding.

Right now it's sitting on our coffee table open to my favorite page. I look at it almost daily while I eat breakfast. Unless you have planned a wedding, you really don't know how much you miss it when it's over! Having this bad boy around helps me relive our wedding. It is truly amazing. She is the bomb diggity.

Okay so the next morning was the big day-- our anatomy scan.

Our sweet little gal!

Obviously you guys know the outcome..Baby B is a she! As always it was so much fun to see Baby B. I had inhaled a bottle of OJ before my appointment (someone told me that will get baby to open his/her legs. Who knows.) so she was moving and shaking. 

I still get nervous before these dumb appointments. I worry and worry myself sick. I always feel better when I see my little gal and the appointment it over. 

This is a bit off topic but one of my friends keeps reminding me of Matthew 6:25. Plus, worry is the absence of faith! Definitely Google Matthew 6:25. If you're like me, print it off and stick it on your fridge.

After the ultrasound I had a regular check up-- weight, blood pressure, whatever. Of course (as always) I'm expected to pee in a cup at these check ups. Because of my OJ fiasco, I had to go bad

All 3 of us are sitting in the waiting room and I wander to the bathroom. The nurses see me (you know, giant pregnant lady waddling to the bathroom) and remind me to pee in the cup and leave it in there. 

Wouldn't you know I just didn't do it? Basically just didn't listen. I had to laugh. Here I am a grown woman having a child and I can't even follow simple instructions. 

Long story short I had to send my husband to the cafeteria for water. He came back with the most gigantic thing of water I've ever seen..and a bag of chips.  

 So after being at the doctor for a ridiculous amount of time (thanks to my intelligence), we headed to our usual after doctor outings-- lunch at Chipotle, Dean & Deluca, etc. 

We got home and again I managed to drag my MIL to Babies R Us. She really goes with the flow. :)

When we got back we decided to make Special K Bars. Which are fabulous, by the way. And super duper easy.

I won't share the recipe because it's not mine to share. Sorry! But I'm sure it's all over Pinterest or somewhere online.

My MIL makes them all the time and I think it is a midwestern thing. Or just a popular recipe in their family. Who knows. Has anyone ever heard of them before? Before dating my husband I had never heard of them.

Did I mention they are tasty?

My husband and his mom did about 99% of the work. I suck.

It was lots of fun. They worst part was waiting for them to firm up in the fridge. I'm so glad we have the recipe now-- I'll be making them quite often! 

The next day we sent my MIL off and after lots of hugs, a few more Special K Bars, and maybe a movie marathon, we went to Chick Fil A.

What are the chances my MIL landed, texted us, and we were eating dinner at the same place? Oh, we had the same meal.

My text on the top right, hers on the bottom left.

Seriously! How does that happen?! Great minds think alike, I say. :) 

Okay all for now. They come back in less than a month and I promise, promise, promise I'll do better about pictures. 

Enjoy your Sunday! xO


  1. Beautiful Job! She is the bomb diggity...

    1. So glad I was able to see this amazing album your MIL created!! She loved doing it for y'all & I felt like I got to know you just a little through her :) Blessings to you & Nathan on your pregnancy!!