Friday, June 14, 2013

Five Question Friday-- June 14th

Happy Friday, y'all! I can't believe it's five o'clock and I'm just now starting this..whoops. Next week I'll be better..maybe.

We have nothing planned this weekend besides pack and clean up. We are a little behind in the packing department so I'd like to get back on top of it this weekend. We only have a little over two weeks until our move!

My back is killing me-- not sure if it's a pregnancy related thing or from my working out (too much? bad shoes?). I see the doctor Wednesday and maybe he can tell me if this is a normal pregnancy pain (my guess). In the mean time my husband has forbid me from my favorite part of they lovely 4 mile walks/runs! Boo.

1. Do you know where I can buy the cloth wipes you have? (Pictured here)

Sorry, I do not! I won them in a giveaway and it was through an Etsy shop. I definitely recommend searching Etsy-- I'm sure there are thousands on there!

2. Are you really going to use cloth diapers? Gross! How does it work?

Yup! The ones I have (so far) are AIOs (All in ones) so after BG uses it, we will put it in a pail (and eventually into the washer to be washed). Some are velcro (my husband preferred those), so it really does work just like a disposable diaper. The snaps are a little bit more work to put on, so I'll probably stick to buying velcro from now on.

When BG poops you just throw it away and put the diaper in the pail. Not a big deal.

3. Do you always wear your seat belt?


4. Do you dream? Do you remember them?

Yes, some nights I remember my dreams. Since being pregnant I have very vivid and sometimes scary dreams.

5. What do you appreciate most about your children's dad?

Well I technically don't have children yet, but I guess I can answer this! I appreciate that he works hard and still will spend time with us (his little family!) when he get home, he puts his family first, and he supports (and encourages) me through this whole new/weird/crazy/fun experience.

Woo hoo! Okay people-- enjoy your weekend! xO

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