Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Life According to my Phone-- June 11th

One evening when I was getting ready for bed Oreo Jack brought me that. Really? He loves apples! He was so proud of himself for getting it out of the trash. 

Have I ever mentioned about how he "grooms" her? Every so often (maybe a few times a day), Oreo and Cocoa play and then he licks her eyes. At first she hates it but then she lays down and they snuggle. I don't get it. It's super weird. The vet says he does it because she is the dominant one. . any ideas?

Our sweet neighbors got this for us. Any bets on how long it will last? I am trying not to kill it!

Feeling better if he can beg for Papa John's!

Oreo's poor paw from his hospital visit. My baby!

Did I mention our anniversary was June 2nd? I think I did back here. Sorry for the lack of photos. We honestly didn't do much. 

I've always wanted a huge map like this lady has (scroll down). I wanted something huge over our dining room table that we could look at each night over dinner. 

This fancy map came with little magnets so eventually we can show our little gal where all of her extended family lives. Both of her grandpas travel a lot so I think it will be fun to show her where grandpa is this week. 

Who knows. Probably will be a crap shoot but it sounded like a fun idea.

My husband is super romantic. 

My husband sent me this when I was out getting paint one day

Not sure when it started but Cocoa has been extremely clingy to my husband lately! I sort of hate it..but I do love it a little! And my husband loves it, too. 

She'll sit up there while he does his man stuff and they just hang out. It is adorable.

We knew Oreo was feeling 100% when he was running around with this guy!

Have I updated y'all on BG's bookcase? Well here's a small sneak peek if not! (PS I will totally update on my 21 week bumpdate). 

I hate stenciling. Will never do it again and I do not recommend it. Period. Long story short, BG's bookcase is not stenciled. It still looks beautiful, though!

How sad is this? The other day I was eating lunch sitting on the floor because the dogs were on the couch. My husband wanted to come read in there and was pleased as punch to see there was no room for him.

Ahem. Hopefully a bigger couch is in our future. :)

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