Monday, July 23, 2012

A Tour Of Our Apartment

Some of you have been asking for a "virtual tour" of our apartment. While it's certainly nothing out of a Pottery Barn catalog, it's quite organized, clean, and it smells nice. Isn't there something to be said about that?

This is our extremely small decently-sized kitchen. This is directly to the right when you walk in. My favorite part is my apron collection-- my mom's, great grandmother's, and just cute ones from my bridal shower. Above them I have a shelf with some candles and my cookbooks. I don't really use cookbooks but somehow I keep getting them! I hope one day I'll use them, but we'll see. :)

When you walk down the hallway past the kitchen, I have hung my little Creative Memories board. I try to update it often but it usually ends up being crammed with random cards/notes/letters and pictures. As you can see we're still celebrating the 4th of July here. Hey, we're in the nation's capital so we celebrate a bit longer! (To the right is the bathroom and to the left is our bedroom).

I don't have any good pictures of our bedroom because it's quite boring! Notice the fancy fan-- I highly recommend it. Thanks, Dad, for the housewarming (no pun intended) gift. It's this fan (Well worth $57) and my dad bought it because he was too hot unpacking our house

My stepmom set up the curtains and I love them. They add so much to this room. I rarely close them because I love looking out at night. 

This is my favorite part of our room! My jewelry area. I also have the frame above of my favorite shower gift (more info. on that later, but here's a sneak peek). 

Pretty much the only thing we have on the walls-- our puppies! Thanks, honey for setting these up! (You can see from this picture we have two entrances to the bathroom, left and right). 

I read in one of my Martha Stewart books that you are supposed to have something "live" in each room of your house. Did you know that? Well, I'm looking for a small flower to put in that vase. That's about as live as it's getting in the bathroom. 

We just have two bedrooms so the other room is the office. It has both our desks, another fan (I told you we loved them), a futon, and a huge walk in closet. 

As you can see Cocoa is quite comfy. :) During the day we usually lay the futon flat and open the blinds so the puppies can look out and bark at strangers. It's not annoying at all!

I said the closet was big! It's not quite as organized as I'd like, but you should have seen the before pictures. It was horrifying. Can you spot my extremely thorough home filing system?

See that big white box on the top shelf? That is my wedding gown. In a box. Forever. :(

This is the view you get when you walk right in. Now pictured is our dining room (back left) and couch (far left). 

My favorite part of the living room is above the fireplace. I'm not sure what we'll do with it long term, but for now it holds live sunflowers, my beautiful chalkboard, and our engagement violet, Sharon. 

Phew! I know I forgot a lot of little details, but that is definitely the big stuff! Enjoy! xO

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