Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ongoing To-Do List

Nathan leaves the first week in September for 3 months. I'm not one of those normal wives who's dreading him leaving-- I'm excited. I'm excited for his new job opportunity and I'm excited for my time alone with the dogs. I'm excited to miss him. We don't miss each other anymore. I'm excited to write him letters and emails and anxiously await his reply. It should be fun, but I'll be busy.. Why?

I have a to-do list of household projects I'd like to get done before he gets home. Most of them are DIY, but some are just things that need time/attention (Let write our congressman so we can get a White House tour).

Anyways, here's some of the things on my household to-do list:

 :: Paint the pot the violet pot. We got the violet from my favorite Aunt Sharon when we got engaged. The violet's name is Sharon and she is in an orange vase. I hate orange. I think this will be difficult because I don't know what to do with the violet while I paint the vase. Should I buy a cheap vase to keep it in while I paint the vase and it dries? Violets are very sensitive and I don't want to kill it.

:: I want to recover this sewing bench. It was my great, great grandmother's and the fabric has been all over the place-- blue with dogs, pink, and now white. I'd like to change it to a grey that can hide stains better. I like this fabric, but it's a bit too busy for my taste.

:: This is the one to-do I'm most excited/nervous for! Recover the dining room chairs. How hard could it be? Ha! I know I'll need a sturdy fabric that hides stains, but I'm so sick of this red and gold. I'm thinking something a bit more modern, but still homey. A grey/blue but definitely no white. I will also "clean up" the wood. I've read you can rub a walnut on the scuffs.. Looks like I might need a few bags of walnuts. :-) The most expensive part of this project will definitely be buying the fabric. I'm going to try places like Etsy, but I may end up using coupons at JoAnn's.

:: Hang/Show off our wedding photos. This is pretty self explanatory but I would like them displayed in a beautiful way all around our home. I need to order them, frame them, and put them up.

:: And last but certainly not least, I'd like to make/find new lamp shades. These are so dark in our large room that they don't light the room up very well. I'm picturing (again) a white or grey. Probably white. And maybe ruffles. :-)

I have so many other small to dos, these are just some of the projects I had to share with you! Do you have a lot of household projects on your mind? Have you ever completed any of my to-dos? Comment below!

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