Monday, July 23, 2012

Linen Closet With Labels

So many of you I'm sure have seen this-- labeling your linens with a post-it (or notecard of some sort) and a safety pin.

I have to say though, I highly recommend this method! It's amazing how much more organized I feel.

As you can tell we just have to "beds" in our new apartment. One king and a full size futon. We have 3 sets of king sheets and 2 sets of queen sheets for the futon (until I decide to splurge on full sheets)-- cotton and flannel. The flannel sheets came with a "bag" to put them in, so they are separated from the other futon sheets. It's more organized this way and it just makes sense in my head. And that's what counts, right?

Because the futon sheets aren't used too often (just when people are visiting), they go in the white crate.  The king sheets are more "out" and accessible. 

Obviously, when we use these, the label and safety pin will be removed. There is an open spot that is specifically for the labels. It's used when sheets or blankies are in the wash, being used, etc. 

Oreo was being super clingy while I was organizing..can you tell?

While this system is certainly not perfect, it sort of works for us. Obviously I am dreaming of one day having a linen closet in every bathroom and one outside the kitchen with a foldable button... but, that day is not today. :)

In the picture above you can see how I have the bin system-- some stacked, some not. The bins are from Target (the black ones are $9.99 and the white was $4.99). 

The towels are less than perfect. One of these days that gigantic mountain of towels is going to collapse and I know I will cry. 

What do you think of this system? Is this something you would ever try? How do you have your linen closet organized? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below

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