Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Chocolate Banana & Spinach Smoothie

I'm a huge smoothie drinker. Especially in the summer months when it's so hot! For the past several years I've been throwing random fruits and veggies into the blender and it's surprisingly tasted good!

Here's my latest smoothie that Nathan has been having for lunch the past few days:

Chocolate Banana & Spinach Smoothie

So I know it doesn't look tasty, but I promise it's delicious. You can't even taste the spinach!

Here's what you need:

:: Handful of spinach, washed
:: 1 frozen banana
:: 1 cup milk
:: 1 packet Weight Watchers chocolate smoothie mix (You can sub in whey protein or powder for this)

Throw into blender and pulse until nice and smooth. Enjoy! 

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