Sunday, July 29, 2012

My Obsession With Labeling

I've always been an obsessively organized person. It's fun for me and our house stays clean, but Nathan sometimes gets annoyed. Whoops. :)

When we first moved here we went to Staples to get my office all organized and BOOM-- I found the Martha Stewart section. She is kind of my idol. Long story short, we came home with $20 worth of labels. (Surprisingly the $20 got us me about 100 labels).

So what's chalkboard labels without colorful chalk? I am a lefty so I have terrible handwriting, but you get the point.

I also got the regular labels for containers that the contents won't change. (Brown sugar, sugar, flour, powdered sugar, etc). We'll always have those ingredients on hand, so the label doesn't need to be changeable. I put a piece of tape over the labels to keep it from peeling off. I occasionally wash these Tupperware containers but I want my labels to be protected!

The contents in the jars (pictured above) will change-- we won't always have rice or popcorn on hand, so I felt they needed the chalkboard labels. 

When applying the labels, make sure the containers you're labeling are clean and dry. It's obviously easier to write on the label before you apply it, so try to write while the label is still on the pad. 

Any questions? Comment below.

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