Tuesday, July 31, 2012

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

Here's a list of some of my favorite things as a new wife! Nothing raunchy-- this is stuff for the house and things that make me happy and my life easier.

1. Mr. Clean Magic Erasers Target Brand Magic Erasers. :) Yup $2 for this 4-pack or $4 for $2 of the Mr. Clean brand. I use these everywhere! Mostly for scratches on the wall from when we moved in, the fridge, and the tub. These babies are worth every penny. Honestly, I'm looking forward to using them on the baseboards next week!

2. Under shelf storage. I bought two of these at The Container Store for $8 each and of course Amazon has them for $6.97. These are a lifesaver for people with small pantries. I use one for bread (You can see that bread is on our grocery list) and the other for cookies/crackers. You just slide them right into the shelf and they sit perfectly.

3. Bissel Sweeper Vac. The dogs are not a fan of this little guy but I am his #1 fan! Instead of having to drag the broom and dustpan, I just get this guy out. He sits in a closet charging 24/7, so I just unplug him and go to town. It can be used on carpet, hard wood, tile, etc. I even sweep up the bathroom rugs. I've done the couch before, too. Don't judge. The sweeper vac is on Amazon for $35.99. I'm not 100% sure what I paid for mine, but it was a gift. I'm sure you could find it at Walmart, too!

4. PEVA Blanket & Comforter Bags. I found these at The Container Store as well and love them! For $9/bag, I think it's perfect to store comforters or large blankets we aren't using. You can see in the picture above I have our comforter we'll be using in the winter (Left), and the duvet for the futon (right). They zip up and have 2 handles on them. You see them more detailed tomorrow when I post our office closet makeover. :)

Hope you enjoyed this list! xO!

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