Thursday, July 26, 2012

Nathan's Closet Dilemma

At quick glance this looks like a pretty normal closet, right? Wrong!

You probably cannot tell from the above photo, but when we moved in, this was supposed to be Nathan's closet. He was pretty excited to have his own space for everything and not have me bothering him with girly stuff-- skirts, dresses, what have you.

Anyway, the moment we opened the closet I noticed an issue. There was no room for clothes. You have got to me kidding me. See where the ties are hanging (now)? You can't hang a shirt "normally" because it's not deep enough.

...So we let it go and he moved over to my side with my dresses and skirts. Poor guy. We had this entire closet empty so I decided to make it my linen closet. Which would be nice because it's so close to the bathroom. (If you'd like to see the tour of our house, click here).

A few days later I got super organized and "did" my linen closet. (For that makeover, click here). I am so proud of it!

In the midst of all this organizing, Nathan's parents came to visit. They have done the DC Thing before, so I was hoping (secretly in the back of my mind) that Nathan's dad could take a look at this closet issue. Hey-- Dads like to help their sons get more closet space. It's a growing problem!

Nathan's dad took one look at the closet and could not believe how poorly designed it was. I think if he had more time he would have: 1. Told the management company off. 2. Redone our entire closet to look like this, but they had to leave 36 hours later. :-)

So we all hopped in the car and went to Home Depot. Norm knew what he needed to get for this "closet makeover" so it was quick and painless. Not to mention it cost just $9.

See? He put in that support to hang Nathan's clothes on/

I can't say if it was easy or not, but it only took Norm about 15 minutes

Viola! Nathan's wardrobe is complete. 

Isn't that awesome? Nathan was so excited to finally have his own space, and now I have room for more clothes! :-)

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