Sunday, January 20, 2013

Papi Visit

Sorry for slacking! Yikes. And to think one of my 2013 goals was to post 5 times a week..sorry.

Okay, let's see..

My dad came last Friday and we went to our favorite place, Good Stuff. My FIL got me into this salad so I've got my dad hooked now, too.

Saturday we drove 30 miles to look at some new apartments. Since I get carsick in the passenger seat, I rocked the back seat and was like a small child-- snacks, drinks, and a magazine. 

I'll update more later on the apartment search, but we had fun nonetheless. 

We went to the "biggest restaurant in DC" Saturday night and that was fun. I pretty much ate nothing to save room for my favorite dessert item-- Cheesecake! Note that I couldn't hold off in taking a bite before the picture. Ahem. 

My dad like Chinese massages. I don't know, it's his thing. So my husband & dad got a foot massage and I got a back massage. One part I was so ticklish I said the Hail Mary prayer 4 times.

Sunday morning my husband had to work so my dad & I were on our own. We decided to go downtown to the Eastern Market (sort of like a farmer's market meets art festival) and have breakfast/walk/sight see. 

It was super foggy.

Blueberry pancakes after I was done. Tasty! 

Clearly my dad didn't give me a chance to take a picture..

By the time we were done eating my husband was done so I dragged them to the Botanical Gardens. It was okay and I'm very thankful it's free. 

The orchids were so beautiful but it was so hot and humid (Hello, that's how orchids thrive!). All 3 of us were hungry and we had walked about 8 blocks to get there. In the rain. Whoops. 

..And this is what my dad and husband thought of the place:

We walked to the Capitol (because that's where my husband had parked) and admired it's beauty! And we watched them prep for the inauguration. They were testing the sound, it was quite fun! 

Bored much?

Had to take a photo of my fancy new Uggs. We had to throw out my first pair after I stepped in dog poop. Seriously people, pick up your dog's poop.

Okay, so many more updates coming soon. I promise! xO

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