Thursday, January 3, 2013

Life According To My Phone-- January 3rd

These days, Cocoa's rockin' a $3 chevron sweater. What do you think? She only had a "fur" coat and it was too heavy for inside, so I snagged this from Target. 

At what point do the dogs say, "Yeah! Let's dig through the recycling!"?

Snuggle buns on Christmas morning. 

Don't act like you can't see it. . .

Oreo wasn't a fan of the snow. :( Cocoa, on the other hand, couldn't get enough! I knew if I didn't take a photo, nobody would believe me that it snowed. Here's your proof, people!

So we're terrible doggie owners and got the dogs "chewies" (AKA: anything that will keep them occupied for several minutes) for Christmas. 

Some days if I'm on the phone or would like to SHOWER without so much as a whine or heaven forbid, a dog jumping in, I will give them chewies. I know you are not supposed to reward bad behavior. I know they can choke. I don't give them chewies and light the place on fire and leave..Please don't send me emails. :-)

Regardless, we got this chewie for Cocoa and a different one for Oreo. As you can see hers was pretty large for her ittie bitty mouth. Well instead of eating it, she just sat there and "protected" it for a few hours. Anytime we'd go by the bed (or try to take it) she'd snatch it up. Finally she ate it. It was so cute though. PS-- She's finally mastered how to eat them since this pic was taken

The dogs are petrified of the dishwasher. Cocoa sits here and Oreo sits by the closet in our room. They will not leave the room-- I've tried coaxing them with potty, treats, whatever. Poor things. 

Can I join your picnic? 

How sad is this? My husband is the top, I am the second one down. Really? 11 pants for him and 6 for me? I need to go shopping.

I love doing my Bible reading and writing in my journal (more on that back here). On this particular day it was expected to snow so I would peek out the window every 33 seconds. 

We love the Green Machine and recommend it!

The other night we left our bedroom door open and the dogs had a field day all night. They probably didn't sleep and ran around with: the recycling (pictured above), presents, toys, and a bunch of ornaments at the bottom of the tree. Awesome. They also had 2 pee accidents. 

I took the above picture because my husband never cleans up accidents. He was so nice to do this while I took them out and screamed at them. Never again will we leave the door open. Oh, and they slept like babies the next day. :)

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