Thursday, January 10, 2013

Five Question Friday-- January 11th

Woo hoo it's Friday! :) My dad is coming later this morning so we are excited to see him. Of course he wants to buy us groceries (more on that back here) so I'm sure we'll be doing that on top of going out to eat, watching shows, and getting pedicures.

My dad  doesn't leave until Sunday evening, so I won't be getting a ton of errands done but I would love to get our oil changed. It needs to get done and my husband loves putting it off. Love that man. ;)

1. Do you really fill your dogs' water up with a beer pitcher? More on that back here.

Yes. It's a souvenir from our trip to New York for St. Patty's Day. It's a pretty big holiday there, hence the pitcher.

I get a lot of comments on it while watering plants and filling the dogs' water bowls.

2. It seems like you have a lot of people visiting. Do you get annoyed of this? 

LOL! Yes, seems like we always have someone here and no it doesn't get annoying. We love it. I love seeing my dad once a month. Nathan's mom is coming next week and I am so excited I'm making two kinds of muffins and she'll only be here for 2 nights.

God is probably laughing at me because before we moved, I told my husband I was worried people wouldn't visit us. I would pray about it at night. What a silly worry.

3. Where did you get your dogs from? Breeder? 

Cocoa was my mother's and I got her when my mom died. She got Cocoa from a neighbor who couldn't take care of her any longer.

Oreo is from a rescue in Florida that we love. We're pretty opinionated when it comes to breeders and while I would never openly share my opinion, we just choose to rescue. If I liked alcohol I would probably get drunk and share my opinion on breeders. Not today. :)

4. What is the goal you will have the most trouble with? (Here's my 2013 goals list).

Good question! The "unplugging" at night. Definitely. We are really struggling with this!

5. Where do you escape for peace and quiet? 

Hmm. I love jogging so if something is on my mind or my heart, I'll jog. I also like to read so I'll sit by a window on the floor with a bunch of pillows. Ahem. The reading rarely happens. When it does,  I'm usually in bed literally dozing off.

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