Friday, January 4, 2013

Five Question Friday-- January 4th

Thank goodness it's Friday! It has been a weird week (again) having Tuesday off and a regular work week the rest of the week.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! It's not on my to-do until next week but I'd like to start taking down our Christmas stuff. :( It makes me sad but it has to happen. On the plus side, putting the Christmas boxes away will force me to re-re-reorganize our office closet (Yes, for the 3rd time).

1. Do you clean a lot/Why do you clean so much/How do you keep your house cleaned? 

This seems to be a top question. Along with How do you find time to clean? I don't clean a lot I just don't let it get messy. Each morning I "tidy" up the place (3 minutes, max) by: making the bed, putting the dog beds back, and putting away cereal bowls.

Because we have 2 dogs I worry that our house will smell so I'm constantly spraying, lighting candles, vacuuming (they don't shed but in my mind vacuuming makes our place smell better), and wiping down countertops. Please don't think our place is unusually clean. .

Seems there is always someone in our house (Ahem, my dad, sister, and friends), so I want it to look nice.

2. Do you have a routine or schedule? 

We try to, ha. It's not perfect but it seems to be working for the time being.

3. Do you really only own 6 pairs of pants? (See middle of post here).

Yes. We really are minimalists. Our apartment is not gigantic (1120 square feet) and unless we use it or it has sentimental value, it doesn't stay.

I have 2 cute pairs of skinny jeans (Actually, maybe only 1), 2 leggings (brown & black), dress pants, and some regular jeans.

Plus I work from home and don't need work clothes. Some days I wear yoga pants, but I'm trying to get out of that habit (more on that here).

4. Do you have a Facebook? Can I be your friend?

No, sorry! It's private.

5. Do you recommend any good blogs to follow?

Hmm.. Well you didn't share what niche you're looking for, but some of my favorites are: 71 Toes (I love her photography, my husband loves their house, and did I mention she is my role model?), Money Saving Mom, Little Baby Garvin (Fabulous chalkboard/home ideas), House of Rose (amazing home ideas) & Jenni from the blog (Sweet blog). 

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