Sunday, May 12, 2013

Pregnancy/Baby Reading

Maybe one day I'll dust this table. Probably not.

As most of you know, I'm a big reader. Becoming pregnant opened a gigantic window of opportunities   in the reading department. There are so many books! If you're not careful you can spend some good money on books you'll never read. Be sure to pick out books that are fitting for you and your situation. 

The first book my husband snagged was The Baby Names Almanac 2013. I think he got it at Barnes & Noble so it was pricier than the $9 Amazon is showing me. 

It's okay. To me it seems silly to buy a book on names when you can just Google them, but he liked being able to finger through it (while watching Netflix) and dog ear pages. It's probably a book we'll end up donating or selling back on Amazon/Swagbucks.

I'm sure this is coming-- No, we don't officially have any names. We are pretty set on a boy name but we can't agree on a girl name. Surprise, surprise. We will probably just tell our immediate family and keep the name quiet until Baby B makes his/her debut! Sorry! I'm not a fan of when people say "Oh, I knew a ____. She was fat and a bully!". Really, people? 

The second book was recommended to us at Barnes & Noble, LOL. We got The Happiest Baby on the Block after a guy (chasing his toddler into the bathroom) said "Are you looking for a baby book? This one was a lifesaver for us. You'll need it". 

To be honest we haven't even started reading it but I've thumbed through it and it is definitely living up to all the hype. Everyone is always talking about this book so I'm glad we got it. 

Next we got The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth after a family friend recommended it. This is the book I've been reading for over a month-- it's very thorough but very informative. 

This is probably something to save for a separate post but this book is for natural births (in or out of hospitals). So if you're planning your 3rd C-Section or love epidurals, this book is not for you. No judgement, just hate for you to waste money! 

For us, it's perfect. It's a lot of information and to be honest, my husband has read maybe 5% of what I've read. That's okay. I usually read it with my feet in the bath tub and I yell for him to come in if something is important. Ha ha.

This book goes through every medical intervention and shares step by step instructions on how to avoid them unless 100% necessary. Again, I could do a whole post on why this book is so important but I don't want to be preachy.

The same friend recommended The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding. Again, I haven't started this one.  I felt it was more important to read about the birth first (since that comes first!), then breastfeeding, then baby care. 

There are two others on my list but I haven't bought them just yet: The Doula Book and The Ultimate Breastfeeding Book of Answers

I'll definitely keep y'all posted on what I think of each book! So far I definitely recommend everything from the reviews alone. 

Happy reading. xO

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