Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Closet Makeover

I wish I had a before picture for this! I know I sent one to my MIL but I cannot find it for the life of me. Oh well. The point is, this closet has improved 100%.

Before I show you the pictures, I guess you should know what this closet is used for. It's in our office, so it holds all things work related (besides my filing cabinet, planner, and home binder), my comforter bags (more info. on those here), sports stuff, and random holiday stuff. It's basically an organized mess with a bunch of randomly organized things in it.. but it works (for now).

I guess I forgot to mention I am a slight hoarder when it comes to cards. That's what the 2 black shoe boxes are holding. The pink one holds loose photos that are not framed or in albums/scrapbooks. My scrapbooking stuff is shoved in the corner, and a few games are up there, too. 

The two boxes on the right are filled with holiday stuff. This is not all my Christmas stuff, just random favorite holiday decorations. The clear box holds games/toys and other misc. items that we'll either donate at the end of the year or use as gifts for little kids/cousins.

This is probably my least favorite area because it's the least organized, and it's the most important stuff. (Do you see my Health Binder in there?)

I can't stand that these are sitting on the floor-- one basket for dry cleaning and one for ironing. It's all the works and it works for now!

We bought this gigantic storage shelving unit when Nathan's parents were here. Above is my sewing machine and all the gift wrap decor I use.

I have no idea why this picture is crooked! Here's the "mini" version of the shelving unit above. We got it from Target (about $20). The bottom shelf is random office supplies but the top two are my extra household supplies. 

Notice the 2 rolls of paper towels? Those are the last paper towels we'll be using for a while! We're going to try and live without them for 1 month. What are your thoughts on this?

Hope you're having a great night! What do you think of my closet organizational skills? Comment below! xO

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