Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Life According To My Phone-- November 20th

Cocoa loves "living on the edge" and sitting on the top of the futon while I work. I spend an extra 2 minutes every morning bringing blankets & pillows to the futon and she would rather sit on the very top! 

My dad came and he loves to buy us groceries. He likes my husband more than me so he gets stuff he knows my husband will only eat-- brownies, special crackers, fruit snacks..

PS-- Our pantry has never been that full. Ever.

That jacket makes me laugh after seeing this pin on Pinterest

I had to run to Orlando for a funeral and stayed with my in laws for 1 night. I fell in love with my nephew, sweet Dash!

I'm 99% sure Dash would have come home with me.

When we were pulling out of Orlando Airport a guy stopped breathing and the woman behind me saved his life! She was a dermatologist who had never used a defibrillator or done CPR on a real person before. 

Why haven't I taken many photos lately, you ask? Because my phone completely stopped working. My dad came with me to the Apple store and ten minutes later I walked out with a completely free new one. :) xO

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