Thursday, February 7, 2013

January Book & February Peek

How is everyone doing with their 2013 goals? You can read more about my goals here.

One of my favorite goals was reading more. I shouldn't say more because I know I don't read enough, but 1 book a month was all I could do. Maybe later this year I'll change it to two books each month. 

Small nightstands stink for readers! Bible, devotional, The Last Lecture

For the month of February I'm reading The Last Lecture. I stole it from my dad and I think he really enjoyed it. I love books that I know my family/friends have read-- it makes the books so much more special. 

So far I thoroughly enjoy the book. It's a very quick read (I'm glad) so I should have no trouble finishing by Feb. 28th. :) 

Last month I read Two Kisses For Maddy. It was a wonderful book! It's not for everyone, though-- there was some strong language. I teared up at least 10 times.. it definitely tugs on your heart strings! 

You can read more about Two Kisses For Maddy here.

I do not have a "schedule" for my books for the rest of the year. I'm most excited about Managing Your Money For Dummies. Maybe that will be March? We'll see. :)

If you recommend any books, please comment below or email me--!

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