Friday, February 15, 2013

Five Question Friday-- February 15th

Happy Friday! Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day and you got all the chocolate, roses, and whatever else you wanted. We didn't do too much but had a fun day. 

My dad is coming on Sunday so tomorrow I'd like to vacuum (Ahem. Our vacuum still blows) and do some reading. It's supposed to snow so I guess walking or going to the dog park is out of the question. :) 

1. What k-cups do you drink? How do you drink your coffee? (More on that back here).

Well, I'm no professional seeing as I've been drinking coffee for about a month, ha ha. Back here I talked about some of my favorites (scroll about halfway down).

I want to try the iced tea kcups come summer-- those look tasty! 

2. Where did you get the "joy, joy, joy" printable on your fridge (back here)?

lt was a free printable I downloaded but I cannot find it for the life of me! I'm sorry. If I find it I will definitely post it. 

I definitely recommend Pinterest for free printables. 

3. How well do you receive criticism?

Not well, LOL. I'm a pretty sensitive person.

4. What is your earliest memory? (Like when you were the youngest). 

Hmmm. I have a bizarre-ly good memory..Probably getting in the pool (naked) and refusing to get out. My parents would run around the edge of the pool and I would just swim away. 

5. What is the strangest thing in your fridge right now?

Nothing strange in our fridge. My freezer has 2 round ice packs from my chin surgeries and they look like the ice packs from a boob job! 

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