Sunday, February 10, 2013

2013 Goals Update

So here we are-- beginning/middle of February. How is everyone doing with their 2013 goals/resolutions? 

You can read more about my 2013 goals here.


Last year I read 12 books (1/month). And while that's nothing compared to some bookworms I know, it was all I could dedicate myself to.

This year, I'm determined to do the same (one book a month) but my new requirement is this--the books must be thought provoking. One month I read Fifty Shades of Grey and I hated it. Some of my favorites? The Kite RunnerRunning with Scissors, and A Stolen Life were ones I would definitely recommend.

So far for 2013 I have: The Last LectureThe Well-Lived Laugh,  Sergeant RexTwo Kisses for Maddy, & UnMarketing. As far as the rest of the year? I'm stumped! Please leave some comments with some suggestions.

You can read more about how I'm doing on my reading here

My husband is not a reader by any means, but he has promised he would read 6 books with me in 2013. Trust me, if you knew him, this is huge. The only catch is that they have to be books on finance. He said I could squeeze one in on marriage so I might. Totally fine with me. Two we're looking at are Complete Financial Guide for Young Couples and Smart Couples Finish Rich.

Right now my husband & I are reading Managing your Money (All in one) for Dummies

My MIL and I are going to read through the Bible in a year. I'm so excited accomplish reading thewhole Bible and accomplish it with such a wonderful woman! This isn't what we're doing but you can check out this plan.

So far I'm up to date on my Bible reading. I got behind with my chin surgery, but I'm 100% caught up. 

Read my daily devotions. This was a no-brainer last year (I have used this book for the past 2 years and recommend it) so I don't think it will be tough. For Christmas I got a fancy schmancy new devotional (From my MIL, she's the bomb) and I will definitely report on how it's going!

I love reading my devotions. They are quick and to the point. This is the devotion I got for Christmas and I love it!


You can read a more in depth post about our finance goals here and here, so I'll be brief.

:: Continue our frugal journey and always remember the difference between wants and needs. (Ahem. That's not to say we don't spend money, because we do. We need to realize we are blessed as it is).

We are continuing being frugal. Naturally, we do spend money from time to time on unnecessary things, but we are staying within budget and saving lots!

:: In 2013 we definitely plan to be more aware of saving for retirement. Part of N's salary each month will go into an account + the amount that automatically deposits to his Roth IRA, so we should be better off. I would really like to find a good book on saving for retirement at a young age to read with him, any suggestions?

I was able to open a Roth IRA for myself a few weeks ago. On top of both of our IRAs we are now putting (small) deposits into a separate account for retirement. 

:: And of course we will continue to live 100% off my husband's salary while using mine just for the house fund.

One week my salary went into our account. Between my chin surgery and a few other expenses, I decided to put my salary into our account rather than the house fund. Besides that one hiccup, we are 100% living off his salary and saving mine. 


:: Someone once told me I will look back and miss the day to day life of our early marriage. Everyone captures photos of holidays and big events, but how many photos do you have of regular life? In 2013 I plan to be better about taking photos. Granted, I've only had my camera since June, so I'm still a major beginner.

I've been so good about taking day to day photos lately! We got new phones and they have great cameras, so that could be why. 

:: Another friend told me to journal while my husband was away (read more about him cominghome here). She said I would want to remember every little thing I did to keep me busy, every thought, everything I did. Not only did it keep me busy (I wrote almost a page a day. Okay, I skipped some days), but my husband loved reading it when he got home. He thought it was hilarious. So in 2013 I plan to continue writing in my journal. It brings me so much joy to look back a few weeks and read what we were doing. (Maybe one day I'll post about it).

I've been doing really well writing in my journal. I've only skipped a few days but I always write even the littlest things going on in our life!

:: This might fall under "marriage goals" but we are going to try to unplug a bit more. We areconstantly on our phones/computers/iPads 24/7. Some nights we will go to bed, not talk, and sit on our phones. That cannot be healthy. So we are promising each other to limit the electronics. I know I sound like an old lady here..judge me. I will definitely keep you posted on how this goal turns out!

This is for sure our hardest goal! Surprisingly, we've been doing so well with unplugging. Last night we played pool for an hour or so AND played cards! We literally have to take this goal day by day (sometimes hour by hour). We are improving, though!


:: Post five times a week. After reading my site's statistics, you guys like when I post often! (Five Question Friday and Wordless Wednesday are a huge hit). My family/friends love our "daily life" posts and picture update posts so I'd love to post more of those.

I've slacked a little on the blogging but am ready to commit to it better in February!

:: Tweet more-- I love Twitter. Be sure to follow me because I'm quite chatty! :-)

Been Tweeting up a storm! @livegivesave

:: Give monthly (or any) updates on how we're doing with our goals. I'd love to start up the weekly goals again, but I don't want to set myself up for failure. We'll see, though.

Ahem, I'm here posting a goal update! 

*How are you doing with your 2013 goals/resolutions? Be sure to comment below and let me know!*

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