Friday, February 8, 2013

Five Question Friday-- February 7th

Happy Friday people! This week was certainly an odd week so I'm super glad it's over. :) This weekend the Museum of Natural History is having an "orchid weekend" so I think we may pop over there and see it. You can see some pictures I've taken of orchids here.

1. How do you organize your photos (digital & print ones)?

Since getting my camera I'm trying to be better about printing/editing/sharing photos. I organize my photos using iPhoto by month & year. The photos on my phone go in their own album (because they typically aren't as good quality).

My favorite album in iPhoto (not pictured) is called "Various Emailed Photos". I throw photos in here when my aunt sends me a picture of her dogs, my SIL at Prom, whatever. I don't save all of them, but I save my favorites.

I don't print individual photos and throw them into albums-- it's way too time consuming and I worry that the albums will damage the photos. However, I did print photos of our wedding. My sister got me a super nice engraved photo album that I put our favorite wedding photos in.

Anyway, I love Shutterfly albums.

I will usually make a Shutterfly album for various events (see above). These books are 8x8 and 1 is 8x11. Next time I'll make them all the same size-- 8x8. Eventually I'll have a giant stack of books. :) 

Oh, and I'm sure this is coming-- I keep them under our coffee table so people can look at them when they come over, I can peek through them, etc. 

2. How do you close a phone call?

Ha ha ha. If it's work related, it's just "Have a good day, bye" or something along those lines.

If it's my family/my husband/etc, we say "Gobble gobble". Where did that start? A few Thanksgivings ago, my aunt started saying it and it has spread ever since.

3. What is the one food that is your "cheat food"?

Hmm, I don't really have a cheat food. We do order pizza but lately it is so salty that I will just have breadsticks. LOL! Besides that I love Cinnamon Toast Crunch and it can get me into trouble sometimes.

4. Why don't you drink alcohol? (More here on #3). 

Don't really like it! Can't find anything I like that is worth the calories/weird feeling.

5. What is your most embarrassing story?

Honestly I cannot remember. I've had all the usual ones-- going out with my shirt on backwards, going out with a hole in my pants, etc. My dad has embarrassed me several times by honking the car when I was being picked up from school. Sorry, guess I don't have a very embarrassing life. :-)

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