Sunday, February 3, 2013

Our First Trip to DC

The other day I was thinking about when my husband & I went to DC last year (4 weeks before our wedding) to look at the apartment we committed to sight unseen. Side note: My dad had been up to see it and said he would live there, so we agreed.

It was so much fun. It was the first official trip we had taken 100% on our own-- we planned it, booked it, found hotels. . you get the idea.

We did lots of tourist things-- White House, monument, went out to eat, and did lots of walking.

We headed to DC the day after we spent 7 hours at Aquatica (Orlando water park). My husband got a lovely sunburn and was in lots of pain. Poor guy. His whole front was bright red.

Can't ya tell?

Can you see his red neck? Ha, no pun intended. 

Anyways, we were staying in Rosslyn (Small "city" outside DC-- More on that here). We walked a few blocks to hop on the metro and we were downtown in no time.

One night we went to a cute little healthy restaurant for dinner. It was so nice and I was loving every bit of it! My husband, who is not a health food nut, was not pleased. About halfway through, he started acting weird and itching himself from the sunburn. Practically in tears. Poor guy.

Ahem. Imagine a guy, sitting at a table with a woman, sticking his hands up his shirt practically in tears. 

He kept itching himself and I was getting annoyed. My husband spent all day away for work stuff and I was cramped in the hotel room while he was gone. All I wanted to do was go out when he got home. Now he wants to go back to the hotel? Ugh.

We rushed out of there because he said he had to go. He starting itching to the point of tears.

While walking back to our hotel, in the middle of the street I shouted:

Stop touching yourself!

Yup. My poor husband. God love him. :-)

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