Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Life According To My Phone-- February 12th

Our neighbors across the way rescued a lab/hound mix and guess who starting walking him?

Yup, you guessed it. :-) At first he was horribly behaved, but he's finally learning how to walk on a leash. 

And not to mention on the first day I went to walk him, he had destroyed their entire house-- chewed a sonicare toothbrush, got into nail polish, and make up. 

After cleaning a stranger's house for 20 minutes, I decided to let the owners know..

LOL! They felt quite bad.

Every day when I get home from my jog I run to the tissue box (because it's so cold!). Cocoa jumps up (practically to my nose) to steal tissues from me. One day, I let her have them. :)

For several months I've heard great things about Nature's Miracle. It's supposed to be awesome (luckily I haven't had to use it yet). You can read more about it here

Got a new calendar. Read more about my calendar/planner system here.

Told you I'm obsessed with this stuff..bought another one!

One night when I was out getting groceries I noticed this bag of blueberry muffin mix near the checkout area. I quickly thought that the cashier would scan it thinking it was mine, but got busy getting my credit card out. 

Of course when I got home look what was in the bag! :)

My mom always bought me cozy socks for every holiday-- birthday, Christmas, Valentine's, etc. She would throw them in with my present and I loved it.

When she died my dad did picked up on the "sock gift" and bought me a few for Christmas and the next few holidays. I think he got embarrassed going into Bath & Body Works, Target, or Victoria's Secret because as of late. . . no socks! Oh well. :)

So now I buy myself socks for each holiday and think of my mom. The ones pictured above were my birthday socks!

On this particular day I left for a jog and immediately regretted not wearing enough layers. Luckily we have an underground "mall" near our apartment so I jogged inside. It was so scary at some stretches-- nobody around and very quiet! Did I mention I didn't have any signal so Pandora wasn't working?

My dad has a shrine to me in Florida. Love him!

My aunt's dog (Lucy, Cairn Terrier) is my favorite!

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