Monday, February 4, 2013

Life According To My Phone-- February 4th

Sorry for the lack of photos in this update! We got new phones and are adjusting to uploading, etc. 

Some days I just want to go to Target by myself and spend money. Judge me. I'm sure someone out there agrees with me. 

One day a few weeks ago I came home with these $10 bright blue "jeggings". No idea why I felt I needed them, but I do wear them around the house. Oh, and they make me look 600 pounds. 

I asked my husband what he thought and he said "You don't wear those out in public, do you?". Guess not.

Almost knocked over our candlestick holders..brat. 

When I talk on the phone for work I usually walk around the house and one day I found Oreo bug like this. Really, man? 

Turns out he thought I didn't put the treats away. Ha, yeah right. 

...Asking my husband to sign birthday cards is practically asking him to donate a kidney. But I like him anyway. :) 

See the giant crack? Get the tutorial here.

A few nights after my MIL was here (More on that back here), my beloved chalkboard sign fell off the wall. I'm so glad it didn't happen when she was here because it was in the guest room. It was super loud

Am I bummed? A little. I knew it wouldn't last forever and it's not exactly a beautiful piece of furniture. It was fun to have and maybe one day if I have time I'll make another one. 

My dad was here and we tried a new Mexican place. I wasn't crazy about my meal, but I knew I would love their churros. :) Who wouldn't? 

Oh, and while we were there someone's chip basket caught on fire. It was too funny because it was a couple obviously on a date and my dad said "Now that is one hot date!". 

Not even 30 seconds after they extinguished (stomped out) the basket, someone dropped a margarita right behind me. Luckily it didn't completely soak me. It was quite a night. 

Yum! My first ever Starbucks cake pop!

We went to Hop's right before my dad flew home. 

..And after looking at this post I realized I look like a fatty. Whoops. I promise we don't eat like that on a regular basis. :) 

Every time I'm at Target I see this chap stick and last weekend I finally is wonderful! Worth every penny. Hey-- Amazon has it for only $1! Nice. :)

Love that fluffy, scruffy gal.

..And I'm still obsessed with my Northface vest. Perhaps too obsessed! Thinking of getting another one. 

My husband requested this fancy dry erase board.. Right now it has little notes and a grocery list on it. He packs a lunch so I wrote "Don't forget lunch!" on it. It's so nice to not have to use post its all the time.

My husband was helping me vacuum (he actually enjoys vacuuming..weirdo) and all the dirt got stuck in it. It's been bad for a few months and I hate to say it, but I think it's time

Ahem. I have been eyeing this vacuum for at least 4 years. I hate to spend the $$ but we buy a new vacuum every year . . how pricey could that be? 

Freezer cooking is so nice. 

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