Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Nursery Update (Almost Complete!)

As promised, a nursery update! 

It is finally coming along (look back here to see how much progress we've made)! I think by the time my inlaws leave (they are visiting this weekend), it will be 99.9% done. The .01% will be putting a baby in there. :-)

So after our shower, one of my aunts gave us this tin (?) container. It was used to keep water bottles in it and I love it! We were kind of unsure what to do with it-- it doesn't fit in our bathroom counters (for bath towels/soaps/etc) and it looked silly on top of our bookcase (2 below), but I finally found the perfect spot!

We are keeping it on the floor outside her room! I've been putting the clean laundry in it, or anything that needs to go in her room. I think it will be perfect if she's sleeping in there and she has toys that can be put away, etc. 

Totally obsessed with her giraffe collection

The bookcase needs some work, but it's not too bad. Okay, so I crammed a few things in there..sue me. Oh! And I'm definitely going to have my SIL write something cute on the chalkboard basket-- she has the best handwriting!

Ahem. Okay, so I did a lot of cramming. We aren't going to throw the sound machine packaging away because we may have to return it. Hopefully it's an easy fix..we'll see. 

I'm so thankful for that corner in the left. Our stroller is tucked back there, along with boxes of diapers and wipes. 

We are going to put the carseat in the car next week..eeeek!

Curtains! No idea what we're going to yet..yikes! Recommend a place to get cute and reasonably priced curtains? 

LOL my friend thought that wreath was a cushion you sit on after you give birth. 

Don't tell anyone but I just shoved clothes in those bins. :( I'm so embarrassed. BUT, totally in love with the shelves that have yet to be put up. 

My favorite part of her nursery! So excited to hang up our mom pictures (more on that later), and one of my mom's newborn dresses. It's hard to see, but we got the cutest little time out stool at our shower! 

And maybe one of these days I'll get around to moving the lamp back to the living room and buy the lamp I've been wanting

Can't wait to update more as we complete the last minute touches! Thank you for all your sweet emails and comments! xO

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