Friday, September 27, 2013

Five Question Friday-- September 27th

This week flew by..TGIF! What are your weekend plans? Someone have a pumpkin flavored drink for me-- alcoholic or not. Let me know how it is! :) I sort of want one of those PSL from Starbucks, but I am nervous to have that much caffeine. 

My in laws get here later today and we're so excited to see them! I have quite a to-do list for them. I know, I'm awful. 

Can't wait to report on Monday how our weekend went! xO

1. You got the MamaRoo (here)! What do you think? 

Well, we obviously haven't put BG in the swing, but it is awesome! I love that you can plug your phone in it. It's also really light so it can be carried from room to room. Oh and super cozy and soft. 

2. Are you ready to be done with the pregnancy or are you enjoying it?

I am enjoying every moment! Definitely ready to meet our gal but I want her to cook as long as she wants. :) 

3. How often do you go to the movie theatre?

Maybe 3 times a year? Not often. 

4. What do you still have to do to get ready for baby?

Not much! Install/learn about our carseat, get some curtains for her nursery, put batteries in everything that needs them, fix the pack 'N play/sound machine, maybe buy some more burp cloths, and pack our bags. Not to mention clean up our house. And get me stuff for after-- cozy clothes and jammies. Okay so it's a lot of stuff...yikes!

5. How is it going only having one Diet Coke a day? 

It's not so bad. Definitely will go back to drinking a few more after BG is here, though! 

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