Thursday, September 19, 2013

Weekend/Shower Recap

We are home and finally getting settled after our trip to NY. It was so much fun to get away and see our family! 

I tried to take as many pictures as I could, but of course I suck and only took maybe 20. Gah! And of course I brought my fancy camera and it never left my bag. Sweet. 

So, the night before we left (I think? It's all starting to mesh together), I was home working and heard a weird noise...

My husband was working (of course), so I called our maintenance team. Three hours later, the sink overflowed and the guy knocked on our door. Nothing like deep cleaning your smelly, sewage-filled kitchen at 10PM. UGH!

The plus? The guy who came to fix it was so sweet. He had to leave his house late at night and I felt bad, so I gave him tons of apple pie and Diet Coke. He loved me! 

The nail lady was ready to kill me. My phone rang at least 5 times while I was there and she kept talking to her friends. I can only imagine what she was saying about me. 

I have to wonder if that was my last pedicure before Baby B arrives...we'll see! 

My aunt sent me this picture the day before we arrived..seriously, are they not the cutest?

And finally-- on the road. The dogs were actually pretty well behaved and slept about 80% of the time. Who am I kidding.. I slept about 80% of the time!

I made sure to keep my feet up and had no problems with swelling. We only stopped once in the 6ish hour drive for a lunch/potty break. 

I really wanted Subway. It was amazing. 

We finally made it! My aunt had these M&Ms out and I thought they looked so much like fall. There were probably 3 in each bowl by the time we left. 

The doggies were so happy to see their cousins. It was adorable. It was like they were never separated! 

When we came in, Oreo lifted his leg at least 10 times. I'm not sure if anything came out, but who knows. Guess my aunt is finding out if it was real pee or just "fake" pee! 

The weather was beautiful. The doors and windows were open and the dogs loved it! 

Walking with 4 dogs the morning of our shower..not easy.

Ya like that? I have no pictures of our shower. I totally suck. BUT it was absolutely beautiful and tons of fun. Note the random stroller wheel behind me in the picture..ha. 

Not sure if it's just my family, but people stayed at the shower for a long time. Seriously! After we opened presents and ate cake, we cleaned up the room and hung out for quite some time. 

Then everyone kind of randomly showed up at my aunt's house where we..surprise, surprise, ordered pizza. 

Cocoa and Oreo loved all the attention and got to be around my cousin's baby who is 15 months old. They really didn't even notice her, which I think is good?

Monday morning I attempted to help clean up my poor aunt's house, but I think we just ended up making it worse. Whoops. 

For example, a dog (we're not sure who) peed on the carpet. We thought it would be the perfect opportunity to give my aunt the Bissel Spot Bot that we have. We absolutely love it and thought it was the least we could do for trashing staying at her house the past 2 nights. 

..Wrong. Didn't it just make it worse? Sigh. I don't even know what to say, honestly. Apparently it's much better but I won't feel better until I see the stain with my own two eyes. 

Until then, my husband and I are saving up enough money to buy her a new rug. Ha. 

Oh and we got this darling giraffe named Mary Catherine at our shower. She's so cute. Cocoa is totally obsessed with her! 

My family was making fun of her because she's so squinty! I think it's a poodle thing or she must have been really tired, because she only does it some of the time. It's really hilarious. 

Everybody was really well behaved on the way home. Even the dogs. ;) 

We are so happy to be home and get ready for our little girl! Cannot believe our "due date" is one month from today! Holy crap. Hold me.

Enjoy your day! xO

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