Monday, September 30, 2013

Nursery Details

Happy Monday! My in laws came and went-- we had a great time! Sadly, I took exactly 0 pictures..not a 1.  

They helped tremendously with the nursery and it's about 99.2% done. :) Here are some of my favorite details.. I absolutely love everything! 

My grandmother gave me my mother's newborn dress (above). No idea why she wore blue as an infant, but hey-- it's the thought. 

I'm totally obsessed with our mom photos (top) and the time out chair from my Aunt & Uncle in NY. 

Hopefully we won't have to use it that often!

I've had those frames for months. We got the prints & frames from Ikea long before we knew whether Baby B was a he or a she. They are perfect for the top of her "cube-icle". 

Still have to disinfect/set up the humidifier..yikes! Adding that to the to-do list as we speak. 

I ended up throwing out the poms I made previously (remember my FIL thought they were bathroom decor? Ha ha). My SIL made these and they are perfect. We ended up using floral wire, hooks, and tacks to "shove" the poms up in the corner. 

We found a set of 3 shelves at Target-- teeny tiny, small, and medium. My FIL "stacked" them up in the corner and they look awesome! For now they each have a picture frame on them..I'm sure it will change 500 times, though.  

All the essentials in her changing table.

Her giraffe collection is slowly growing..notice a new one? 

Little Miss' headband collection is also growing..very rapidly! I only ordered 2 from Jameson Monroe but 3 came in the mail (pictures to come)! Not to mention my MIL brought some more homemade headbands when she came over the weekend. They are all so cute! 

This bookcase and the changing table need the most work. I'll get to it, I promise! Can't wait to post more pictures when it's 100% complete!

Hope everyone had a great Monday! xO

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