Thursday, September 12, 2013

Bumpdate-- 34 Weeks

Today feels like's really throwing me off. Anyway, 34 weeks! I'm so thankful to be here and so excited for what's to come. 

Still feeling wonderful. Not nearly as tired, and still doing my walks for over an hour every day. Towards the end my feet start to get sore, but I think it's my sneakers. 

We're pretty excited for our trip to NY! It will be so nice to get away one last time before little miss arrives. Can't wait to share details on the trip, our shower, and lots of pictures! 

I need to stop looking at the countdown app.

How far along? 34W5D

Maternity Clothes: Same as always.. wearing maternity clothes out and about but regular stuff at home and when I workout. 

My workout shirts are getting a bit tight, though. Wondering if I should splurge for some maternity ones or just tough it out for the next 5 1/2ish weeks? My husband offered to let me wear some of his shirts, so maybe I'll try that tonight on my walk. 

Stretch Marks? Nothing new-- belly is still bare but my left hip has a few. 

Sleep: Sleeping great. Don't have time for a nap these days and that's okay. I do wake up several times and move around, but it's not that bad. Unfortunately my husband isn't sleeping well..he actually said he hasn't slept through the night in weeks. Poor guy. :(

Best moment this week: Well getting ready for our trip has been lots of fun. We picked out lots of snacks and drinks for the road so I think we're set!

We also scheduled our car seat installation appointment at the police station-- they were so helpful over the phone and I'm anxious to learn how to correctly put little bit into her carseat. 

Miss anything? Sleeping on my belly, unlimited Diet Coke, and sleeping through the night (guess I should get used to being up every hour, hu?). 

Craving anything? Not really. Same as always-- fruit of any kind and cereals. Oh! And cold deli sandwiches. 

Movement: Think I'm just feeling lots of shifting around in there. My belly has been lopsided for's so funny looking! 

Anything making you queasy or sick? Greasy/salty/spicy food. Ewww. Really only want to eat cold stuff. 

Have you started to show yet? What do you think? 

Gender: Girls rule and boys...

Labor signs: Nope

Belly button in or out? Same, I think. Barely in and dark. 

Wedding rings on or off? On

Happy or moody most of the time? Happy/blessed/thankful, but get frustrated and annoyed easily. 

Looking forward to: Our trip to NY/baby shower/seeing family, and getting back and getting organized for little girl's arrival! 

Symptoms: Stuffy nose 24/7 and sore feet after my walks each night. 

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